Bacc the plan to speed up, ali entrepreneurial base is “na”

in October last year, and now, more than two months time, accelerated the bacc the plan again. Today, ali said it would increase bacc the plans to invest, start “bacc the dream of entrepreneurship competition”, in the selection of high-quality entrepreneurial projects at the same time, also joint incubators, in nine cities build bacc the entrepreneurial base.

bacc the plan refers to the ali group fully share the wireless resources, from the aspects of technology, business, data, and so on to provide infrastructure services for mobile developers, want to build the infrastructure services (ali) cloud + side (all kinds of APP) a new era of mobile business ecosystem, in the process, fast for entrepreneurs to provide business closed loop, improve efficiency and reduce business costs.

in ali said, according to the present nearly 2000 business developers began to the bacc the programme, for example “pomelo pomelo parenting” and “live” APP, and to reduce the development and maintenance costs, improve the membership system, realize the business cash are having a noticeable impact.

The Times open entrepreneurship competition is the latest bacc the plan. Ali has revealed that, during the competition, entrepreneurs can get bacc the provided contains electrical business, social, payments, and other products, cloud computing and big data, and so on omni-directional resource support, but also south day, ali wireless technology director for their Allies, vice President of JiaoYue, pegasus CEO of higher-ups in the mobile industry such as yuan yue asked 36 hours of centralized training.

won 30 start-up team, will be awarded the highest 5 million yuan of vc funds, incorporated into the “incubator” in bacc the entrepreneurial base.

it is reported, ali has joint such as angels bay, pegasus brigade major well-known incubators, in Beijing, guangzhou, Shanghai, shenzhen and so on nine big city planning bacc the entrepreneurial base. Among them, two entrepreneurial base is located in hangzhou will be officially put into use in mid to late January, undertake the training of hundred sichuan mobile entrepreneurship competition, etc, and to assume the function of the entrepreneur “incubator” in the late contest.

every APP start-up team, can be submitted in application for entrepreneurial base. Once successful application, start-up team can not only get free office space support, you can also regularly attend entrepreneurial base at the technology, products, operations, market topics such as training courses.

the entrepreneurial base will also be held in a month of vc Open Day, demo day activities, will from time to time and recruiting industry, focus on training of entrepreneurs.

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