Baby assistant, position 0 to 6 shirble daddy mama of parenting products

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started with maternal and infant community from PC, early rising is a lot, do a website includes BBS, information, environment and so on the size of the channel. Move after the dotcom boom, small and beauty products began to pursue, the distance, in the field of maternal and infant products also play different card. Main education of abba lady, focus on children’s mental health “atoms”, there is also a key is spicy hot mama community to help mom. Parenting on diversity, but the goals are similar: we want to keep a good boy!

new products baby “assistant” is also a parenting class products. Location: 0-6 shirble treasure mom, dad to provide parenting tool + community. To make of Eva form. Hot mama holiday.

baby assistant tools + + information of community. Daily to provide the latest parenting education information and growth, nutritional health and novice parents parenting problem. At the same time in the community of dads hot mama can also share their experience in parenting, confusion or parenting advice on parenting daily communication. More even includes old woman daughter-in-law relation, husband and wife, in all can let dads hot mama talk banter, release pressure.

baby assistant CEO Wu Shengwen tell hunting cloud network, get rid of the conventional function, baby assistant there is another big characteristic, has a comprehensive strategy, parent-child activities recipes, languages, sports, art, including all. For beginners of dads hot mama, can according to the above content and children a parent-child, recreation, food and clothing live line boring positioning in an all-round way.

every day 0 to 6 years old baby grow hot mama can be recorded in baby’s assistant, can win bei, enough gold to exchange for mall is a small gift. Wu Shengwen tell hunting cloud network, children’s rhymes + children’s stories in the baby’s life is inseparable from the scene, so a baby has a built-in own nursery assistant channel and stories, and are classified. Parents can choose the first a download or streaming. More sweet baby assistants have a vaccine remind plate, for new parents, the baby’s vaccination time can be intuitive show, avoid missed the best time.

Wu Shengwen tell hunting cloud network, baby assistant team members to “parents”, is to do a good job in a parenting products have hands-on experience. Team members on the mobile APP with 6 to 8 years of experience in the Internet, doing physical reading, wing to chat and mobile Internet project research and development of outsourcing service. This year’s June 1, the baby assistant android, ios version online, has been accumulated to 1.5 million the number of users. They target wants to help dads hot mama parenting into simple and interesting things, to make the best parents parenting community in the future.

baby assistantCompany: xiamen half a gram information technology co., LTD.

cloud network hunting: focus on startup, original technology blog! We help any dream of entrepreneurial team!. Commitment: completely free, beware of counterfeit.”

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