Available auxiliary driving tesla released three new models

on October 10, Beijing time at noon, tesla motors (TSLA) conference, held in Los Angeles today launched a new double motor drive technology, etc., at the same time issued three new models, including the MODEL S P85D, P85D will be available in December, the other two models until February. But for the price, tesla was not announced.

it is understood that a new publishing MODEL S P85D is double motor drive the whole drive, due to the energy efficiency design of the new system, about 16 km range increased, the maximum range of 442 kilometers, hundreds of kilometers of just 3.2 seconds faster, achieve the fastest results in the car.

this conference, tesla also launched auxiliary driving technology, the technology similar lane keeping and adjust the cruise control system. Support automatic parking function, at the same time, the auto pilot can use ultrasound technology, to detect the distance around the vehicle, etc., used to automatically control vehicles. After the automatic cruise phase, for example, the system can read the road speed limit signs, and the corresponding adjustment speed, even to change lanes.

it is understood that the event in addition to release the MODEL S P85D models, released its MODEL S 60 d and low-end version of the MODEL S 85 d. Tesla will introduce P85D listed in December, the other two models until February. Tesla said, according to increase after 4 x4 version, the MODEL S will attract more cold climate country consumers to buy.

however, for the new models for tesla was not announced. And the cars on sale in the MODEL S 85 domestic official price is 734000 yuan RMB, the MODEL S P85 sells for 852500 yuan.

the tesla Model S P85D, 60 d, 85 d points:

the Model S P85D is matched by a new Model S top models.

new car is equipped with radar, cameras, sensors, to recognize the signs and pedestrians.

new cars equipped with Autopilot system has 12 sensors, can detect the surrounding vehicles, automatic cruise.

support automatic parking.

equipped with active braking control system.


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