Aunt 800, maternal and child care resource platform, grafting O2O her service

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with the arrival of the baby boom population and national open a two-child policy, in the next few years the newborn population will increase steadily, and after 80, 90 young people after birth to science more and more high demand, professional services, related to maternal and infant’s willingness to spend is very strong; On the other hand, with the arrival of lewis turning point, the human resources cost rapid ascension, her in the past three years, average annual growth rate of 30%, and there’s no slowing trend, which will drive the maternal and infant industry scale is bigger and bigger. In 2012 launched a aunt maternal and child care service – 800, her choice as a breakthrough point, cut to the upstream directly, her tightly joint service the development trend of vertical niche.

Huang Jian founder, was once a Siemens & amp; Nokia project managing, recovering from a wife, her find difficult life experiences, initiation of the idea of entrepreneurship aunt 800. Entrepreneurship aunt before 800, it may be said their homework, first in a domestic stores, to help them do the work of some of the information, later field research and market analysis. Huang Jian convective cloud network, “her qualifications are uneven, job-hopping frequency is high, the price is not transparent which leads to many problems such as industry, it is difficult to establish a trust mechanism between user and the month sister-in-law company, lead to low efficiency, the industry needs to be a platform to optimize resource integration, make industry ecological cycle, it is also a startup aunt 800 in the first place.”

Her aunt

800 O2O services, is actually online access to the user, offline service. The basic information of the month sister-in-law, schedule, and even image simulation interview will show on the website and mobile application, system update in time, guarantee the accuracy of the information. If the information is not true, or a violation of her will be done under a processing, the user when choosing more wouldn’t be so blind, greatly improve the efficiency. Her her client APP (for quality and relatively high income, smartphone penetration is higher), by the way, send list, offer an interview, service management and technical guidance, high efficiency and competitive advantage gradually.

for business process, the aunt 800 like electricity do fine operation, since users browse consulting, repeatedly during the communication, make an appointment to interview, her maternal management after sign the bill until a door-to-door service, are controlled by the operating system, to ensure that the service in a timely manner and the good user experience. In the process of service, but also in constant high-quality content, such as precipitation user comments on her let users know more about the service, the platform has a star month sister-in-law recommended column, so that the user quick and easy decisions and policies.

service security is a top priority, for users and month sister-in-law, all need to be able to give security. Her for users, must be authenticated, hold qualified health and training certificate for professional assessment in order to understand the practical professional skills, and pre-service training on a regular basis, household will also through the APP after push message, or directly enter a return visit to ensure maternal and baby care, fine month sister-in-law is equipped with professional service and care tools to ensure the quality of service, make the service safer; Aunt 800 also for users to buy the high personal and property insurance, one thousand unexpected, can reduce losses.

in the same way, her aunt is 800 company valuable wealth. Her strictly stipulated in the contract the service category, express users don’t let her work in the high endanger duties outside of the service, as well as household service month sister-in-law to buy insurance to ensure their rights and interests.

aunt based on 800 service process standardization and humanization layout, are accepted by more and more users and her, her dealmaking success rate is 4 times the industry average, the value of the trading platform has been gradually revealed. Huang Jian convective cloud network, “in the future, the aunt will 800 business standard quickly spread, make it become the standard of the industry, attract more month sister-in-law to trading platform, meet more users; On the business model, expand other maternal and child related category, increase their income.”



time: 2012


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