Atoms, supported by UGC, maternal and infant community pictures + voice patterns

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infants and young children’s mental health and physical health is equally important, infants and young children period of plasticity is very strong, is also a critical period of personality formation of morality. Around in the maternal and infant market niche, at present stage start-ups is emerge in endlessly, such as hunting cloud network previously reported, and the baby tree, folding nets, hot mama help and so on, whether maternal and infant electricity or maternal and infant community, maternal and infant market presented a scenario of schools of thought contend.

however, in a multitude of maternal and infant start-ups, hard to avoid can appear the problem of homogeneity, back to the basics, user experience and the creative products logic is basic way to survival. Launched in September this year the atoms of the community, the main 0 to 6 years old classroom, parents grow content supported by UGC, a creative picture + speech patterns of maternal and infant community. Is the biggest difference with other maternal and infant community and atoms is an online platform based on the UGC. Atoms in the creative pattern + light application into maternal and infant market, space, or there is a lot of mining products haven’t online just got zheshang venture angel investment of 10 million yuan.

atoms and ideas from the chapter, graduated from Beijing normal university psychology, a lot of time in the study of infants and young children psychology. Graduated from the university for more than six years IT analysts, to develop its own Internet, from the experience of raising a child, began to contact with maternal and infant industry, actually before startup atoms, chapter ideas from the first contact is from electricity, but at the end of 2013, decided to venture maternal and infant community rather than the maternal and infant electricity, chapter ideas that “parents are what people, largely determines the children’s growth, therefore, the value of the community is far greater than the electricity, knowledge sharing and social value than offer goods to them.”

atoms content structure is picture + voice patterns, a platform based on the UGC online. Atoms main 0 to 6 years old parents adult class, social clear theme. Specific to use processes of atoms, atoms support sina weibo, QQ and mobile phone login directly, user logged in, choose options, take a photo of the relevant, and record the passage, the operation is simple and convenient; Atoms at the same time with a series of user-generated content and theme of a relatively clear classification, the user can according to the child’s age screening of relevant information. Atoms platform to guide the direction of the mainstream ideology, weaken the atoms themselves, is from different users all kinds of knowledge, experience and perspectives of collision.

how to allow the user to settle, how to make user content producers into atoms to solve the key point. Mother is strong social groups, and bearing the atoms is real social, atoms development route is online at the same time. In the online, all kinds of knowledge and experience to share in the form of pictures with voice; In offline, atoms will organize various activities, offline activities can be initiated by the user with everyone could be offline activities organizer. Atoms built a database offline activities, set out a set of model, system will be offline activities according to the corresponding template matching corresponding resources. Atoms give priority to in order to open the mode, and establish the corresponding incentive mechanism, realize the online offline get through, stimulating the enthusiasm of the user participation, conducive to deep mining and the establishment of the seeds of atoms group of users. Ideas from chapter thinks, “offline activities to review and identify the workload is very big, the current standards and mechanism is not sound, will improve along with the development of the atoms in the future.”

atoms, it seems, the content of the UGC production too professional, or some rigid in form, content of the product quality and social awareness remains to be further strengthened. Precipitation in the future, in addition to allow more depth of users of the platform, another important thing is to perfect the function of the atoms and the operating mechanism, such as maternal and child knowledge classification more rich ground; Increase the search function, users can quickly find themselves need to knowledge; Atoms content now need to take pictures, sound recording, upload three steps, the future will be more simple.


time: in September 2014,


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