Asia’s most suitable for “digital nomads” workplace, mainland cities are all on the list

hunting cloud network reported on November 7

as we now have more and more communication tools and applications, telecommuting to a few years ago are now already very common, especially the Internet technology. 90% of workers hate from his office every day, and the remaining 10% is false. A joke, that just made me just now, but if a see will believe this sentence I am not surprised. After all, most of the working state of lack of satisfaction with their life, believe they lack of daily life value and happiness every day, every day and relative to those people who don’t have to travel back and forth in his office they would become more anxiety – at least, a report from the office for national statistics office said.

these enough, most people hope that they can have their own freedom of choice of the place of my own work. No doubt, according to “fortune” the article “2013 people most want to go to work of 100 companies” article, 80 people are actively apply for telecommuting. After all, happy people can work better, and this is based on science.

when you can choose to work in any remote places in the world why did you stay at home? This is a large number of people doing now. The “digital nomads” is a new group, and their members will only be more and more convenient because more and more people will choose to jump on the telecommuting ship like this.

someone names in Asia the most appropriate people “remote office location” eight cities. Hunting cloud network editing your comb for you compile as follows. By the way, China a city not included in the list.

in Chiang mai, Thailand

Chiang mai is preferred during the global digital nomads city. No doubt, not only because “nomads consumption” (each month for the cost of the digital nomads live/work) is very low, is expected to only $648 a month, at the same time, Thailand’s northern city on the crucial factor in some work, such as security and practicability of WiFi, in the national rankings are very high.

in Bangkok, Thailand

let’s look at the list immediately ranking second city, the capital of Thailand is full of vitality. Only downside is it to live and work are relatively expensive, it takes about a digital nomads to spend $1368 a month. However, relatively more exciting night life will to a great extent, make it up.

will Ann town, Vietnam

when it comes to the stunning scenery, Vietnam will not the first time in our hearts. Don’t be deceived, although now there are many Vietnamese promising start-ups appear, and that will be more and more. Wi-fi is available, if the security levels are lower than those of Thailand. But, given its nomads costs only $1083 per month, will Ann ancient town still has become the digital nomads Bangkok’s heels.

davao, Philippines

the Philippines because of the network have a large number of freelancers is famous for the industry. In fact, in 2013 a huge $7.6 million industry is created by the local freelancers. Although the Internet speed is slow, but it is the biggest advantage is that it is a common english-speaking countries, and have a good WiFi as useful and herdsmen charge is acceptable, as long as $1038.

marbury, Indonesia

is located in the beautiful scenery of Bali horse cloth for many digital nomads, meet their vision of a distant work place, thanks to his from long ago straw field and charming scenery. In addition, here is a relatively safe place, although it is true that the Internet speed, and WiFi relative to those in the city is more difficult to receive the signal. However, if you need in a period of hard work or do some important work these is good for you. Here is the cost of digital nomads $1160 a month.

island of phuket, Thailand

yes, it is Thailand, but this time it is a tourist resort was known by more people. Just like the rest of the Thailand, here the Internet speed is very fast, while the WiFi here is very difficult to find. The good news is: the night life here is very beautiful, especially in padang), digital nomads average cost is $1170 a month here.

phnom penh, Cambodia,

another in the early entrepreneurial atmosphere, phnom penh, digital nomads costs of $935 a month is its main attractions. With a ready-made convenient WiFi and night scene of prosperity, the capital of Cambodia in the choice to work/life balance is one of the best places.

in Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan for most of the digital nomads, is only a temporary choice, considering that live there are relatively expensive, herdsmen costs $2121 a month. However because expensive you will get very good technology support, as well as high-speed Internet and WiFi always there. In addition, here also often held in the evening party.

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