Asia customer lead the new trend: with a mobile phone shop, only to see not to buy!

at home, when we enter the store to see a very wonderful commodity, we are most likely to do the first thing is not to compare the price of other types of goods, but smart phones — in powerful compared to the price of the goods on taobao! This is the first known to stores online – also known as the exhibition hall phenomenon again!

Asian customers can be said to be “hall” experts – refers to the phenomenon of customer experience in market bullish commodity first, then search the lowest price to buy online.

according to the consumer survey of Google barometer (the example results show that in Google APAC blog), the exhibition hall phenomenon in the less developed technology market is the most common, you might as well take a guess this list.

showroom shoppers phenomenon is one of the most famous users in Asia, 40% of them will shop around and compare the prices of the goods on the Internet.

but for the real e-commerce, things are quite different. As you expected, many of the development of more mature network market will truly caught the attention of consumers. On the Internet by using smartphones for online shopping survey the percentage of consumers, South Korea and Hong Kong ranked first.

the real use of mobile phones in the country of online shopping, South Korea, Singapore and China top three.

and the list of the gray part compared to the United States, Britain and Germany, Asia shopping online and offline shopping shopping) (that is, the reality is far ahead. This is why Asia is really “mobile first”.

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