As with musk, hawking concerns about artificial intelligence can lead to human destruction

cloud network hunting note: although now debate the pros and cons of artificial intelligence of human which influence is bigger, and at that time there will be no conclusion, but gathers more frontier people thinking, researchers will industry to provide more ideas for reference, to avoid the happening of the human tragedy. After following the smartest scientist Stephen Hawking is known as the human living concerns are put forward for human intelligence, warned that the development of artificial intelligence is likely to mean that the destruction of human beings. The following for tencent technology report full text:

British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has warned that the development of artificial intelligence is likely to mean that the destruction of human beings.

in an interview with the BBC’s Stephen Hawking said that this technology will evolve quickly and more than human, then will appear in the movie the terminator imaginary scene.

“we already have the original form of artificial intelligence, and it has been proved very useful. But I think the completely development of artificial intelligence can lead to the end of the human “, professor hawking said in an interview broadcast on Tuesday.

“once through the development of human, artificial intelligence will be on their own development, with the acceleration redesign themselves.”

this is considered to be the world’s smartest living scientists then said, “due to the limitation of the biological evolution of slow, human beings cannot compete with, will eventually be replaced”.

hawking had motor neuron disease, a wheelchair, only through a voice synthesizer to speak, but he is very keen to use modern communication technology, he said that he belongs to the early development stage the earliest Internet connection to the Internet that a group of people.

he quoted the British electronic spy agency, the government communications agency (GCHQ) latest leader’s words, the Internet bring various benefits while also brought the danger.

the 72 – year – old hawking said, “to deal with this threat, Internet companies must do more action, but the difficulty is in eliminating threats to avoid sacrifice their freedom and privacy.”

hawking showed Tuesday Intel to develop a new software system, this system adopts the technology of the predictive text, writing can make him fast. The system will be put on sale online in January next year, in order to let more patients benefit from motor neurons.

hawking’s voice from the voice synthesizer designed for telephone directory services. Although happy to see improvement, the scientist decided not to change his voice that sounds like a robot.

he told the BBC, “the voice sounds like a robot, but very clear. It has become a sign of me, I won’t put it into a more natural sound “with British accent.

“I was told that some need computer voice the voice of the children want to like me”.

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