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a lot of women watching Korean dramas “you from the stars”, will want to know the quan zhixian of coats, dresses, hair hoop is what brand, where to buy. Users typically on taobao search/film star names to find, while taobao goods are mostly merchants themselves on generic with money, not the real thing. User at the time of watching TV at the same time purchase demand, but there is no direct access allows users to direct goods, can’t conversion, unable to meet consumer demand. Afterwards to search goods the number of users will drastically reduced. Today, cloud network hunting show everyone how “visual tao” of a shopping experience.

regards tao for fan of south Korean television dramas, fashion fans, fan of variety show advocated “see, just bought the” new way of shopping. See in a TV film the right goods, with which to buy. Download after the new app, watching TV, movies, video programs, such as open as tao, instantly search yourself interested in film and television play.

regards tao was founded in 2014, the department of science and technology launched a APP, science and technology department of rang with its core technology, in the field of cultural entertainment and media interaction design, development, and provide e-commerce services. Depending on the new CEO is the first mobile Internet product managers in China.

in addition, depending on the tao can be used as a guide content goods and merchandise platform; Also can screen more interactive, instant participation TV interaction, found in fun stuff; Can also discuss the film and television drama, the dog blood ridicule, and hundreds of millions of television viewers outside real-time chat.

regards tao tell hunting cloud network CEO: “video electrical business is a new industry, the current into the enterprise is not much, may be limited by technical ability and the subsequent ability of industry consolidation. We’re not called peer competition, because the whole industry needs everybody to foil, let more people know the inside of the original film and television play goods can direct a key, direct purchase.”

when asked and what’s the advantage of similar products, depending on the new CEO confidently to hunt cloud network, said: “we are very leading from technical Angle, business model and the overall market environment, of course, want to rely on everyone’s effort together to do.”

video mining electric business no doubt there is a huge market space. Entertainment is the most people produce topic discussion content, but the film and television of the traditional business model is still very conservative, and the degree of innovation, reform are insufficient. On the TV advertising businesses, increasing cost and sales is not obvious, or even negative growth; Home on television advertising, two kinds of forms, a kind of brand show, viewers are turned off, another, brand show, viewers don’t know or difficult to find an implanted inside goods, businesses cannot convert basic income.

regards tao, build the audience to the film and television play goods channels, merchants implanted advertising even without revealing that users see tao, still can find the film and television drama have the goods, and is the real thing. Solve the audience couldn’t find the goods, also solved the businessman launched advertising, predicament that others don’t know.

from the user’s response, as tao has also said the current main job is to run through the entire process, including film and TV producers, TV, business, a few party cooperation process and work task allocation, which in turn to collect user feedback. According to hunt cloud network understanding, on December 28th, depending on the tao will be in guangxi TV “love beauty in China” program for the first time for commercial applications, and they test products, at the same time to collect more program and user needs a chance.

regards tao
Company: Beijing division ring technology co., LTD.

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