As if by predestination, Wayfare to do the world’s most slow social applications

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I admit, I to technological progress can promote the communication between all over the world with special longing. Therefore, as a similar Tinder the upgrade version of the app, I was filled with anticipation and confidence for Wayfare test results.

Tinder friend recommendation is the foundation of the whole application, but it is misleading. Because it can provide users with the global dating experience. But in fact it is not. Wayfare, on the other hand, pay more attention to broaden its user’s world view, because it will users linked with someone on the other end of the world, to be able to feel the foreign culture. In fact, the service, the head of the Jiho Kang told me that in his view, the Wayfare like to connect you with a local tour guide a medium.

this app developed by SK Planet, south Korean technology giant SK company digital department, include state-owned telecoms operator SK Telecom, and a series of other components of a large company. The application also has two versions of iOS and Android Wayfare in test phase has been named Embark.

in general, on the Wayfare, every time you can only keep in touch with a friend, and this link can only be maintained for a week. Not only that, but you can’t choose you recommend for the sex of the friends, doing so is to reduce the number of pure “booty call” behavior. Only when you first choose friends more than 20 minutes didn’t respond to your request, the Wayfare will recommend to you a new friend. Wayfare tend to be for the user to create a stable social relationship, and also to prevent the complication of friends of the relationship between its users results in the decrease of matching efficiency.

another and Tinder the difference is that you can only establish contact with people from different countries or regions, which makes the relationship between two people must belong to a slow type, but the “three strikes” rule for inappropriate content is still valid, Kang said.

to fill in the personal details or directly from Facebook import relevant information, and then you will receive a “ticket” and a “guide” for you recommend. The man in the future will be your good friend within a week.

Wayfare will provide you with the content of the “photography challenge”, is designed to help you and guide you to share your life and all aspects of the city. In addition to providing photos and, at this 7 days, you can also through the application for you to establish contact directly to guide friends send a message to you. You also need not worry about the language problem, Wayfare collection of Google Translate, specifically for the language users with machine translation.

in view of the user to change the address, Kang believes his team has accumulated enough experiences can make Wayfare more perfect, because it does not need to like other applications and services that provide instant service.

“Wayfare slow rhythm may make some users were disappointed at first, but I believe that our system will create more true for user friendly exchanges and friendship,” he explained, “our team is constantly adjust the user experience, so those who wait, is not true of waiting, but short of expectations.”

Kang, clear, of course, good experience in an application should be what kind. Before joining SK Planet, he was a co-founder of Wander. The latter is a application has now been withdrawn from the market, in 2011 we had introduced this app, it with the current Wayfare have a lot in common. These two apps although there is no direct link, but Kang said he plans to Wander in the best part of the transplanted into Wayfare.

Wayfare has showed its potential. Kang said, during the test, there is a third of the registered users use Wayfare more than a month of time and continues to use, and there were 8000 beta users through the application of share of more than 300000 photos and text messages.

Kang also revealed that a third of the beta user said build friendship by Wayfare affected their travel plans in reality. Some users, such as for Wayfare met some friends and specially to visit their countries or regions. One example is that it is through Wayfare met a pair of newlyweds finally toward marriage, although Kang has always played down the potential Wayfare dating service.

“other applications tend to be more near to you and the people,” he said, “but we want to connect two people thousands of miles apart, this will be a very interesting thing.”


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