As a virtual currency pattern is set, counterfeit currency future prospects

cloud network hunting note: after the currency, and there are a lot of “counterfeit currency” appeared. Pack segmentation, the situation in the rapidly changing. Block chain, side chain and the stars… To the simmering war cast a layer of the veil.

now the currency of the community is very chaotic, tension, dramatic situation occurrence, competitive plan seems to want to tear this piece of the world. Our economic prospects face at least two opposite place. Even those who had put the COINS as snake oil big Banks, is to look at it now, will block as chain technology is a major breakthrough. Connoisseur poured into the block chain startup, minority leader is speeding up the separation.

this is not a bad thing. Supporters of the currency (to believe I’m one of them), anyway, the currency will lead us into a new era of commercial frictionless, monetary programmable. COINS true believers think that the currency is to the Wall Street, like the Internet to a fax machine, and eventually make the Internet more decentralized. COINS militants who believe the currency instead of the dollar, the euro will be the “legal tender”, which makes liberal inwardly ecstasy. If the above views are bets, obviously, there’s a competition we want to prove who to who wrong.

you may not realize is that we are close quite a key decision points.

block chain competition

a less but have appropriate illustrative example: this is just like a modern version of the Edison and tesla’s current wars. COINS as Edison electric light bulb, while the currency block chain is the direct current (dc). Fire up many of the fake currency after the currency block chain substitution is one thousand small tesla (lest you think I’m biased, but I have to emphasize that an alternating current is not necessarily better than the direct current).

among the more prominent is only 20 years old Vitalik Buterin: fellowship winners, the university of Waterloo dropout, etheric fang (Ethereum) founder of the project. The project with its block chain to establish “a decentralized network”, recently released by booking the next calculate money, received a $15 million (of course, in the form of COINS). Buterin recently wrote a blog post condemned the so-called “currency party” :

, they argue, in essence, to create a variety of dense is the idea of monetary competition environment is not desirable. “Another currency issue” is wrong. COINS in dense calculate money market monopoly is right and wrong is the inevitable trend of the… COINS party always use “network effects” as a shield, and screamed and is useless against them.

in this battle, might as well do this prologue: ladies and gentlemen! This is the 800 – pound gorilla king COINS! And over there, it is added up to a total of 8 pounds of… One thousand dwarfs!

with a supports thousands of

COINS in the dense calculate currency world dominance is self-evident. Theory of recognition, block rate of hash chain, different number of writing, practical application, entrepreneurial ecosystem, vc interest, other densely calculate money all together than COINS, I am afraid, because it is too weak. I suspect that most people have heard of the currency didn’t even know there are other alternatives of currency.

then just now, for example: imagine the power situation early, large-scale dc system has been built across the country. It is used to provide lighting, but a large number of companies have sprouted out to provide direct current infrastructure and services, some don’t even involve lighting.

at the same time, the one thousand mini tesla continued to support hundreds of different models of ac system, but the plug and light bulb with a direct current system or other system interoperability. Each part (really) said its own update better and more powerful, as long as you put on is universal. Interoperability has what good surprise?

I know at least, they who is the real goal of angry today. Not legend in the hearing, also not spend millions to buy hardware chain create blocks of miners.

side chain – changer

in fact, their goal is a new company called Blockstream. Its developer provides a new choice: it is worth noting that the retention of the old dc network, but as long as you want to, can change at any time will be part of a new alternating current (ac), at the same time continue to use your plug and light bulbs. Blockstream recently obtained from Reid Hoffman, Khosla Ventures, and a large number of investors to invest $21 million.

this straight teeth to make mini tesla’s hate. In their view, moral ways of financing is to issue new currency and sold in the form of currency. Vc money is dirty, and even toxic, because it means that its recipient for the vc rather than their community (it has grown to some hackers creed. Of course not always wrong). For them, any company to accept the vc made a “conflict of interest”. The so-called currency party retort that to obtain funds through the open to booking a new virtual currency is “immoral selling dream”.

the reference from the future money and technology summit in San Francisco this week, the startup ceos communication. I have get rid of the name. It is worth noting that Blockstream investors made it clear that their funding for “COINS ecosystem development rather than economic returns”.

Blockstream new technology – side chain – currency agreement for a “soft” fork (backward compatibility, for example) to work. I’m looking forward to it can come true, there are two reasons.

1. It seems to be a good idea.

2. The founder of Blockstream core developers including a large number of COINS.

however, after the soft bifurcate, most of the subsequent block chain innovation and experiment will appear on the side chain – which means that many of the existing shanzhai mini tesla’s project will die out and replaced by side chain equivalent (such as the etheric cloning of side chain). This also means that the currency party will win for the time being.

sporting a “COINS star”

there is one company (in other words, is a platform, or a thick calculate currency) claim that they occupied the COINS interesting space between and counterfeit currency, that is star (Stellar), it is a Stripe of the company’s support. Star technical director is Jed McCaleb, he founded the first large currency trading platform Mt. The bigger (and in Mt. Bigger COINS sold stolen before early to Mark Karpeles). Then, he founded the Ripple, but found that centralized problem still not solved, so later he founded the stars to do what he thinks the right thing.

stars have excellent board, technologies, and impressive achievement: members of the board of directors Joyce Kim said the company added 140000 new users per week, 35% for women. They use beautiful distributed transaction platform makes it easy to foreign exchange transactions. They focus on the “next billion” in the developing world, I think it is very clever. “In South Africa and Nigeria announced that they will cool things”.

they also declared that the stars and the currency is different, but this kind of statement failed to convince. The function of the Stellar “gateway” can’t tell, but at least Coinbase can replace completely. In I take part in group discussions, Jed pondering after said: “(in the long run) there will be a world general terms of payment… The currency is the first round… Mining is a big problem.”

uncertain future

in fact seems to be so. COINS core developers and founder Blockstream Gregory Maxwell should be the smartest person in the summit, but he also admitted that the currency mining is a potential problem for a long time, “let me awake at night.

but now, considering the foreseeable future, the currency is the only choice in the field. Align the Commerce Marwan Forzley, said it was the only one with the liquidity of currency. The Align is a form of currency to provide B2B international start-ups of ability to pay. If possible they will use star COINS, but at least not yet.

Forzley also gives a beneficial to the real example of the currency. He is voip (voice over IP) battle doyen, he saw in the development of both obvious similarities. Voice over IP have also been mocked at first, and then is considered ineffective and useless. Then again, as it becomes useful, the government tried to ban it. Failed, they accepted it and change your attitude. Now, voice – over – IP has become standard, and in fact the term is also out of date, it is the voice. So the currency can be said to be “IP currency” for the most part. As Forzley said: “we’ve seen the movie, nature also knew that the outcome”.

Dialpad – voice over IP granddaddy, still immature is acquired by yahoo, the result will soon wither, became miserable cannon fodder. Until the emergence of Skype, ordinary people begin to pay close attention to this one. Similarly, John Pettitt COINS will now (or at least, is now the currency application/client) analogy for the gopher early Internet protocol, was accepted by the tech industry, but ignored by the general public. And suggested that we haven’t seen close to calculate currency world Mosaic, let alone a netscape. If any one of metaphor is right, so now brewing currency war could have a profound and significant influence.


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