Around the SMS build consumer scenarios, this also is good business

(word/Yao Hongxi)

often immerse people in the field of science and technology communication is clearly a phenomenon: with the rapid rise of mobile social networking tools such as WeChat message is yesterday’s news, send several years of decline in the number, in most countries are similar. But what is undeniable is that messages are still many mobile phone users to communicate important information carrier, more important is when many business to deal with are still heavily reliant on SMS, from this perspective, SMS will continue to be a long-standing business form.

the rapid development of mobile Internet, micro letter, such as maps, browser App grafted more services, to become a super App. Compared in terms of the status quo, the text in terms of these super App has a front entrance of advantages, such as can reasonable use, the ability to build service is also to be reckoned with.

a small source of science and technology is a short message to build the service around the scene of the start-up, since it was founded in 2011, the company has introduced more boring text messages and m the good treasure. Among them, the former is more C end users against the building of SMS application, including SMS, themes, skin, and can change with text messages and provide corresponding scene play a window, can be said to be a test of semantic analysis technology of testing the waters. And m jiaxin analysis treasure is preliminary inspection company in the market and technology maturity after pushing new products, is also a small source of science and technology in the future the core product, is also a key part of this paper explained.


m jiaxin analysis treasure is in using its own technical processing capacity, the original monotonous textual message content into a card style is easy to read, easy to operate, at the same time of improving reading and interactive experience combined with personalized consumer demand grafting scene, so as to realize the user and the business at the ends of the drainage and transformation.

this figure can then visually shows small source of science and technology at the core of the external form of the product. Flow when a China mobile users receive SMS alerts, m jiaxin analysis treasure will automatically match the corresponding scene to show the corporate image of local material, be clear at a glance. Compared with textual message reply to the communication problem, the product can be embedded flow package to buy entrance, users can quickly buy a key.

in the same way, bank credit CARDS, airlines, read and use experience SMS alerts can be improved significantly. M jiaxin analysis directly classified treasure present a credit card payment amount and the remaining amount, select “payment by installments” through key after drainage of the user directly to the bank service platform, thus fast and efficient to complete the payment process. For flight, can quickly see the flight dynamic information.

remember, how you’ve finished the operation? Is to see message, and then to switch to the corresponding App? Anyway, I and many friends are around the operating habits and processes. it can be said that the small source technology is at the same time of improving the user experience skillfully apply the attention of the user guide to the end, which is a more flow distribution of front entrance.

in jiaxin analysis treasure behind the service, is actually a small source of science and technology of semantic technology the use of the algorithm. Team has created a set of concurrent system, based on large data mining through the semantics and the similarity of the big data mining, access number recognition algorithm to understand text content and text messages, reduce artificial complexity, improve efficiency, eliminate false positives.

founder team from jinshan, dell and other well-known IT companies, has a wealth of experience in natural language recognition, since the company since its establishment, has been focused on technical exploration in the field of “semantic analysis”. Today, the team has more than 40 people, jiaxin analysis platform support treasure dozens of categories, more than 1000 scenarios, being sample corpus.

in addition to the visual image of the “CARDS” semantic transformation services, small source of science and technology of rice jiaxin analysis also provides treasure text classification, service menu. Text classification is easy to understand, it is the same merchants or service providers to send SMS automatically archive to the corresponding folder, convenient search; “Menu” function is similar to WeChat custom menu, the user can see an official message page through the menu operation such as inquiry and reply.

overall, the source of science and technology through the good and elutriation treasure SMS service platform to upstream and downstream users well together, to build your own commercial system in the middle of the chain. In providing the user with a better user experience and related services at the same time, bring the upstream enterprise brand and product into; For the downstream enterprises, have the effect of drainage, to upgrade the activation application and use frequency.

at present, the small source technology services customers include China construction bank, China unicom, southern power grid, and a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises. According to company co-founder Duan Xu introduction, product launch for related business transformation effect is obvious, after the province unicom using scene play window service package order to improve flow performance, after the product launch, rose more than 400%; Use of a bank credit card bills text construction installment of the popup window, text installment performance improved three times.” (due to confidentiality reasons, did not disclose the specific plot provinces)

Therefore, 360 mobile phone

guard in the first half of 2014 with small source the cooperation of science and technology, all products are currently have the function that scenario text. Small source of science and technology is also working with lenovo launched the famous mobile phone manufacturers such as, client can be used when using mobile phone products corresponding to the source of science and technology service.

as part of the information to users based on semantic analysis, the source of science and technology will be accumulated to the user data such as consumption behavior, which in turn will be the next to explore parts of the company. Small source, a quote from Duan Xu open will take a road of development of science and technology, the value will be a reasonable share of data security, to partners, win-win hand in hand.


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