Arg, 2015, hangzhou Internet entrepreneurship summit

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in the past year, hangzhou has become a national outbreak of entrepreneurial growth is the most rapid city.

in this year, it gathered talents and resources, market and opportunities, solid foundation for full of entrepreneurial dream; During the year, it witnessed ali, more witnessed the growth of large and small startups with outbreaks. In the capital city of the national urban area is the penultimate, gave birth to a new line number in the city of most of the largest venture capital cases.

January 15, in hangzhou, will host a defined as arg summit on entrepreneurship. This time, the hangzhou opportunities for entrepreneurs will participate in together, there will be a O2O, Internet service four special financial, social mobility and developers. cloud network is hunting the summit media partners.

honored guest 】 【

xu TechDaily founder

jiangnan fenqing jiangnan tea house 1535

Huang Yuanpu million the founder

founder, fly IT orange

Li Mengdi founder in winner

Zhang Kuo ali wireless division director

Zhou Kai bing, general manager of hangzhou high-tech investment

BiShunJie ernst &young central China partner

cao source capital founding partner

Jin Fengchun saif fund partner

weeks ring east iterative capital partners

generosities donator hangzhou bank technology sub-branch,

President Yang ping hang seng park,

founder Zhao Siming listen FM

special performance of figure of O2O (presided over hundred million, head of the east European WangHua authors)

Lai Jie koala network founder

the blade overhead dribs and co-founder of

jian-feng zhao point me general manager

founder white exhibition hall 500 mi

Yang Yangai carpooling co-founder

YuYiDong teacher to founder

Internet financial special (host jiangnan 1535 tea house Jiangnan fenqing)

founder li 51 credit card joint

Yao Hongwei borrow founder

founder Ye Jin wu ying ying finance

founder Jiang Taotong shield technology

QuanYunFeng goods net, co-founder of

founder Qian Zhilong love learn loan

special mobile new social (host LiuRongJun iterative capital partners)

founder Cai Huawei chain

Gu Dayu bong founder

black feather in co-founder

founder Yale goddess call you get up

yong-hui wu bju international founder

Yang Yang 11:11 founder

developer special services (host, IT orange, head of the east China Genni)

founder Fang Yi a push

founder golds SegmentFault

founder liu pingyang slaps cloud

catalpa, head of the ali bacc the market

founder dong-ping hu tu figure

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there are ten free tickets, hunting cloud network needs can direct messages cloud network official WeChat hunting. (micro letter went hunting cloud network, can be directly)

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