Application to run social movement jun lian capital investment

run applications is a social movement, founder of tencent early founding team staff, core backbone from BAT and media. Products using the GPS to provide accurate detailed data record; Many runners watermark joint drying run mentality; Through watermark text + photos + share running experience; Support, sex, running status filter by location, a key run about. Since 2014, to run successively won the cool everyday run run partner, tencent big chu “dazzle colour run” partners, application treasure 2014 “top ten potential applications of the year” such as identity, now has nearly 100000 users, and was invited to become “boao tencent worldwide partner conference 2014” entrepreneurship roadshow BBS speech project.

jun lian capital is the legend its independent professional risk investment companies, focus on TMT, healthcare, consumer goods, modern service industry, etc. The financing is to run after September to angel guest of refinancing, the angel of the raise, run just 3 days subscribe more than 1.6 million, more than 60% financing plan.

your capital party said, watch the industry and the cutting direction, more bullish on the team, the resources. With the rapid development of China’s economy, the rise of the middle and universal health care, which grew out of running a marathon heat and middle tide, it is to run the social and market environment, the market is the rapid development of the incremental market. Running cultivation of body and mind, by many middle-class people and business elite practice, guide, a missionary. At present, according to run the user more than 50% for more than 30 city middle crowd. To RUN with the RUN + SNS product strategy, through characteristic watermark to share, “circle – found”, and “RUN” soon “and” ran “functions such as form perfect online social system.

run group advantages and social background of tencent’s genes, it is also an important factor jun united by reference. Whether product function evolution or across the city marketing, from questions to issue a solution, to complete the execution, this process is efficient and accurate, highly recognized and appreciated jun lian capital said. As the first domestic support apple Health Kit and tencent Health center running applications, b is also open to wearable Health equipment research and development platform, the platform will support from the bracelet to the bluetooth headset movement such as hardware, open to the hardware vendor and user data and the product data, jun lian capital will provide more powerful strategy for run prospective and industry resources.

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