Apple’s new child prodigy, 15 small handsome boy grant goodman

Apple and Google, the two giants in the smartphone market in the empire, has put the war spread to the industry on the search for the “emerging talent” : yes, that’s the age of 13 for their genius for mobile application development.

last year, when Apple will be pre-loaded iPhone “tubing” (YouTube) applied to remove, 14 New York teenager Grant Goodman (Grant Goodman) seized the opportunity: quickly developed a called Prodigus free advertising video applications, realize the iPhone video online without playing at a high speed. Prodigus was already his second iPhone application development, recently conducted a third app – he called “iTap That” of the development of the game, and even formed a company called Macster Software company to operate the business. Next week, however, small business owners began his high school life will step out of your business!

he said in an interview: “if a person can start at a young age, that he will be better than those in their 20 s to have an advantage. In general, the human mind will be more flexible when young.”

nowadays, the popularization and application of intelligent mobile phone shop for developers to open up the existing market, provides many opportunities for them, and Grant is only one of this generation of young talents. In general, Google last year spent more than $5 billion in the developer; While Apple inc. spent as much as $10 billion – plus the cost of 2008 since the launch of the app store, this number will rise to $20 billion.

now, for the sake of the development of mobile operating system, Apple and Google are getting a child prodigy. Such as Apple have been reduced in 2012, its annual worldwide developers conference attendees of age threshold: from 18 years old to 13 years old; In addition, the theme of the conference on students scholarship, Apple will also for young winner a registration fee of $1600. In this year’s conference, Apple introduced a way to simplify the application development process of a new programming language: Swift, and a total of about 100 entries is scholarship application developers from a minor.

while Google I/O developers conference in June this year launched a youth program: recruited 200 teenagers aged between 11 to 15 for half a day’s training, to introduce them to the inside Google developers use some of the basic development tools.

although Grant is a Apple scholarship winners, but this does not prevent him to develop a Google glasses is used to display the battery application of allowance. But he admitted that he prefers to do development for iOS devices, because of the iPhone developer and the focus on the characteristics of the concise let him very “crazy”. To this, the mother of genius Becky Goodman said, though programming summer camp, and the computer equipment is very costly, but can get joy and satisfaction in the process of looking at her son in also value: “we are not filled with looking forward to spending his training to become the next mark zuckerberg, we only hope he happy.”

mountain castle peak building outside the building, outside these gifted children have their own heroes: Nick D ‘Aloisio. 12 years old start programming of British boy D ‘Aloisio in 17 years, and he sold his mobile reading application Summly $30 million for Yahoo company. (cloud network editor: hunting and media said after seeing reports of Summly li ka-shing, namely email to Nick said interest in the application, when the boy is only 15 years old… ) on Apple’s worldwide developers conference in June this year, D ‘Aloisio small paper also because to Yahoo company developed another news reading applications, has won the design award.

Nick D ‘Aloisio

“I hope in the future I will be standing on the podium.” A 16-year-old boy from the interview to say so. This named Douglas Bumby young accompanied by grandparents drove all the way from British Columbia, Canada, arrived in the United States to attend the meeting in San Francisco. To scholarship application, he spent more than 70 hours burnish their applications, added some features, such as a function can be accurate to second age count.

it is worth mentioning that Douglas, the first app works – Just Go! , a running with a stopwatch in during the meeting, also formally on Apple app store. But because of the age threshold, the application can only be registered in the name of his grandfather.

in fact, you are under 18, the developer of the product cannot be released within the Apple’s app store, so many teenagers developers choose to use the name of the parent or other guardian to register. Although Google’s app store has not set limits in terms of age, but also requires developers to a credit card to register children, virtually also give do not credit card caused a certain.

Douglas admitted that he sometimes being laughed at in the school is a nerd, but he doesn’t feel foolish, instead, like at the conference and exchange, the tech-savvy even met a from Australia peers Jason Pan as a business partner. Yes you read that right, that is, business partners, the two hit it off, quickly set up a company named Apollo Research, and set about to jointly develop the application of a named Slate by them. But let Douglas more headaches, minor developer is still difficult to have drawn the attention of the investors and customers: “I even a bit older.”

don’t assume that a child prodigy apes are necessarily male program, there will be stand out from the heroine, Sarah, 21, Rust is one of them. The same as Apple scholarship winner of Sarah, unlike their peers would consider to open early career don’t give up the University life, instead of steadfast completed at the University of North Carolina (University of North Carolina) studies, and is considering pursuing a master’s degree in computer science. But indifferent Sarah also feel shock for the fast development of peers: “they absolutely too smart, smarter than most adults still likely. Visible age is not a necessary condition for success.

15 Ahmed Fathi said in an interview that his hometown self-study app on the iPhone in Egypt: “because my computer teacher is not clear what programmers do; My friends think I’m crazy, from time to time to ask, ‘what are you doing? ‘”, he says, since two years ago his uncle taught him to create web sites that day on, he became interested in programming. Through the tutorial video on the tubing, and programming q&a site search result of Stack Overflow, he learned how to make the development of mobile applications. This month, he is in Apple’s app store launched a for the drivers on the road and the rider application – Tweader tweets to read.

still, to participate in the Apple developer conference let Ahmed Fathi open up horizons: not only at the San Francisco, also visited the Apple headquarters and Stanford university campus, and even participated in the local a special high density for the development of new software cooperation activities: programming marathon. After a series of experiences, Ahmed, gives a simple but profound summary: “the people here are very love technology.”

Ahmed Fathi

Source: WSJ

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