Apple’s 2014 launch speed reading: no surprise

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today early morning, apple product launch was held as scheduled. On the grand carnival, apple previously expected, launched three new products. They are a bigger screen iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus; Apple smart Watch Watch; Apple Apple Pay Pay system. Overall, happy is the product of new performance, jing is in mainland China for start, please listen to xiao yun road from them at all.

iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus

as revealed by hunting before cloud network, a new generation of the iPhone has a bigger screen. Apple is called the iPhone since its launch, the biggest innovation. But did not use a tour before the sapphire screen.

Basic configuration:


4.7/5.5 inch LCD screen;

750/1920 x 1334 x 1080 resolution;

carry A8, built-in M8 coprocessor;

8 million pixel camera Lord;

thickness of 6.9 mm/7.1 mm;

iOS system;

support NFC, Wifi. 802.11 ac, LTE.

highlight window:

appearance and outstanding differences on the generation of the iPhone: equipment around the rounded, rather than the metal cutting process. Overall feeling giving a person the iPhone 6 more rounded (Plus). Although there may be no metal trimming looks more tall, but apple suggesting that the purpose is to let the user experience more comfortable;

a bigger screen, bring more exhibition space. Many future applications will be in view of the landscape display mode of the iPhone, special optimization;

64 A8 processing performance, processing speed increases, power consumption reduced by 50% 25%. GPU processing speed up 50% compared with the previous generation;

M8 coprocessor help undertake all related health track of “transaction”;

a new generation of the iPhone new barometer;

new LTE voice calls function, let the call quality is higher and more stable;

the new sensor, automatic focusing speed 2 times, maximum photographed 43 million pixel hologram. In addition, the iPhone 6 has a digital image stabilization function, while the iPhone 6 Plus adopted more advanced optical image stabilization technology;

apple did not disclose the iPhone 6 battery capacity, but it pointed out that a new generation of the iPhone’s battery life improved: the iPhone 6 Plus can maintain 24 hours of 3 g talk time, while the iPhone 6 to 14 hours of 3 g talk time. IPhone 6 Plus 14 hours of high-definition video watching, while the iPhone 6 to 11 hours.

new called “Reachability” gesture, double-click the decline in Touch ID can make the whole display screen, and display all of the things is at the top.

listing and price:

it is understood that the new generation iPhone will officially begin to accept reservation on the 12th of this month, but China is out of place in the starting state by accident, I’m afraid that will disappoint many fruit powder. Apple said, log in at the end of the world’s 115 countries and regions.

the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus depending on the size of the storage space, a total of three gears. 16/64/128 gb iPhone 6 two-year binding contract price $399/199/299. Bare machine the price of the iPhone 6 did not say, but analysts say may refer to the iPhone 5 s bare-metal price ($849/649/749). (16 g hk for 5588 Hong Kong dollars, or 4424 yuan)

32/64/128 gb iPhone 6 Plus two years of the binding contract price $499/299/399. It is worth noting that the iPhone 5 s binding contract price will drop to $99, while the iPhone 5 c will be sold free binding contracts.

Apple Pay

details about Apple Pay after press reports are true, basic hunting cloud network editor you comb for you to do some important information.

first, Apple will Pay in the NFC and Touch ID, with the help of common finish goods identification, selection, to complete the payment process. Simply press the Touch gently ID with the purchase can be completed payment experience;

second, new Element called the Secure chip, is used to store a user’s transaction total user key information such as credit CARDS account. This means that even if the hacker to steal the user’s account password, the clouds also these payment information cannot be obtained;

third, retailers cannot obtain the user’s credit card information, apple will provide a one-off transactions for each transaction code;

4, so far, the United States Amex, Mastercard, Visa, bank of America, Disney, McDonald’s, Whole Food, Subway, the company, OpenTable relationship with apple or being negotiated.

Apple Watch

when we think of the conference is coming to an end, inherited the “legacy” apple, jobs presented to change the world for us again “One More Thing… “. However, apple for the smart watches, if really can change the time, only to the time and the public to verify.

cook and others not in the conference revealed details of Apple’s Watch. At present, we only know the device configured sapphire screen, with apple custom processor.

highlight window:

back with four sensors, data is used to monitor the pulse and so on human health;

introduced Digital Crown key, similar to the iPod Nano manipulation of the wheel, can complete the return to the home page, expand the proportion of narrow application shows, select applications, such as skin changes;

– very interesting Digital Touch social communication function, when activated, the user can quickly select contacts, and send text, voice, vibration and other instructions;

a similar MacBook magnetic suction charging, watch appearance without additional charge socket;

support Siri voice commands interaction;

apple will appear to the third party application developers provide WatchKit development kit.

listing and price:

unfortunately, Apple Watch will be listed at the beginning of next year, priced at $349, with different material strap (metal, leather and rubber), and selection of different versions (movement).


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