Apple why GT Advanced abandoned?

guide language: Forbes magazine published today titled “dream broken: iPhone no Sapphire glass” (Shattered Dreams: The Sapphire iPhones That Almost Were Now Seem Certain N Be) of The article, according to apple’s partners to abandon The Sapphire glass GT Advanced Technologies, all because of The curve of The iPhone 6 screen edge provoked a curse. No sapphire glass iPhone 6 also hit, but GT Advanced Technologies has suffered a fatal blow.

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last November, when the GT Advanced Technologies (hereinafter referred to as the “GTAT”) (hereinafter referred to as the “apple”) with apple company signed a $578 million worth of sapphire glass cooperation agreement, the industry is not very clear what both sides. But when GTAT announced sapphire glass revenue will reach $1 billion, people began to realize that it could be used to protect every iPhone screen.

but in February of this year to September during this period, GTAT and apple’s original plan seems to be wrong. A new generation of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone has not been Plus using GTAT sapphire glass, even Apple Watch also didn’t use smart watches. Last November, or good friends, in October this year is out of favour. GTAT announced yesterday that has the initiative application in protection.

GTAT CEO Tom Gutierrez (Tom Gutierrez) said in a statement: “today’s bankruptcy protection does not mean that we will be out of business, on the contrary, a move that will allow us to continue to implement the established business plan.” But, in fact, GTAT dream has burst. And, let the sapphire glass reach smartphones in the dream may be blown away.

best established plan

it is clear that apple has a different plan, want to rely on GTAT to implementation. Apple had used the same strategy, and made significant effect: it is using new technology, to enter the market ahead of time, to win the advantage. The iPod has the smallest hard disk, for example, the iPhone has the best touch screen. With apple’s investment, GTAT can build the world’s largest sapphire glass factory. French research institute Yole Developpement senior analyst Eric verizon (Eric Virey) said: “form the factory just for one reason, there is no doubt for the iPhone.”

Research company PTT Research financial analyst Matt Margolis (Matt Margolis) also take the same view, Margolis said: “even if Apple can Watch sales reached 30 million units, that is less than GTAT factory annual production capacity of a quarter. Eventually GTAT factory capacity can meet the needs of more than 100 million iphones, but ultimately did not use an iPhone.”

due to apple’s silence, the best explanation is GTAT factory not achieve expected goals. The first possibility is that GTAT not to provide a specified number of sapphire glass. As a result, there is only a part of the iPhone use sapphire glass. Secondly, a slight curve screen edge design means, need the same design on sapphire glass thin layer, it is a challenge. Verizon margolis and believes that the second may be the reason for the apple to give up GTAT.

did not want to use sapphire?

there is no denying the fact that the sapphire glass also has its own shortcomings. Such as expensive, the production process requirement is high, heavy quality, etc. Although the resistance to scratching, but fragile, so after some kind of impact is likely to be broken. It’s easy to let us come to a conclusion that: apple never thought from the start to use the sapphire glass. But the indications are that this is not the case.

in the first place, and GTAT signed a cooperation agreement means that GTAT sapphire glass production capacity has reached a certain level. Verizon estimates that GTAT sapphire glass production capacity is equal to the other 100 sapphire glass manufacturers production capacity of 2 times. Margolis also expects 2015 GTAT sapphire glass production can meet at least 100 million iphones and 30 million units to 50 million units of Apple Watch needs.

second, corning Gorilla (Gorilla) Glass manufacturers have denounced with sapphire, protect the phone’s screen. If corning don’t realize is that apple will take refuge in sapphire, why worry?

in addition, Kyocera (Kyocera) has launched this year with sapphire glass low-cost smartphones. Science and technology media Engadget tried to destroy the screen, the results in failure. Kyocera has proved that the best material to protect the phone’s screen is sapphire glass.

the future belongs to the flexible screen

in the past, apple has refused to use OLED technology, one reason is that there is the so-called Color Reproduction, Color Reproduction), the second is to rely on samsung rivals. But today, samsung are known to be the world’s best display screen.

but in the next two to three years, the display will be major changes in market. OLED will be able to adapt to a variety of shapes, samsung Galaxy Note Edge is a start. Thanks to new technology companies such as Kateeva, production flexible screens will be easier. This will bring the influence of two aspects: 1) can be bending, folding and expand the display will be possible; 2) virtually indestructible screen will become daily necessities.

to do so, even if the iPhone of apple sapphire glass, it will not a long life cycle. However, given that apple will not easily using the latest technology (unless capacity reached tens of millions of level), 7 can be concluded that the iPhone won’t be the first adopt flexible screen real products.

although there is no use sapphire glass, but did not affect the iPhone 6 sales. In contrast, for GTAT is a fatal blow.

source: sina science and technology

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