Apple response iPhone6 plus “bending” : don’t bend

on September 26, according to foreign media reports, it has handed over on the Internet “iPhone 6 Plus too easily bend” reports, apple issued a statement Thursday, emphasizes the product USES the hardest material combination, the industry and there are only nine users reflect the existence of the iPhone 6 Plus bent.

“new iPhone use, the metal titanium steel to increase resistance to pressure, in addition we also adopted the hardest glass screens provide protection in the industry.” Apple said, bent under normal use is “extremely rare” (extremely rare), new equipment have been before they go out to the strength and durability of a series of strict tests.

since last Friday sale, apple said only received nine users report on the iPhone 6 Plus bent. Apple emphasizes the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus all received the same level and quantity of the product strength and durability tests, these tests with real users daily normal use as the reference standard.

because many netizens recently revealed his new iPhone 6 bent, the new model is more durable than the old model less arguments instantly filled with each big mainstream media. Some netizens even released video, the scene will demonstrate how the iPhone 6 turned gay. There are many dynasties video will apple iPhone products compared with rival products to the pressure resistance test.

rivals, including LG, blackberry, etc, also began this week for the iPhone 6 reports of “flexible” poking fun at and ridicule, some companies even directly the sarcasm for apple in the advertisement.

source: netease science and technology

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