Apple reshaping social network? Acquisition Path deal is reached


in the past few years, apple has revealed to get their hands on the ambitions of social networks. Successive acquisitions PolarRose, Spotsetter with Ping but because of poor grades were forced to shut down. However, its desire to peep at social empire did not stop.

today, tech blog PandoDaily quoted people familiar with the news that apple plans to acquire social network Path, “acquisition agreement are basically.” At present, the potential market price is not clear.

this message so be taken seriously, because the person is in apple engineering team, has high reliability.

the people familiar with the matter, and had to buy retain talent closed product model is different, after the completion of the deal, apple will continue to keep the Path brand and business. Foreign media, according to the analysis of the Path is likely to be integrated to the new version of apple in the Messages application.

another also let the news or information accuracy greatly improved. Is said to have ended in the iPhone new product release, Dave Morin, founder of the Path (Dave Morin) to attend and seated himself in the front row. Normally, the front seat is apple to corporate executives and guest.

until last year, the Path is known as obvious social product halo, developing rapidly, and $2011 in 10 million, from $2012 in 30 million, the company valued at $250 million. But in 2013 the Path is turbulent.

company successively experienced layoffs, executives, and the giant takeover rumors. Originally in the middle of 2013 start the financing program (valuation of more than us $500 million) until January this year to complete. It is understood that the investor to the company valuations have fallen to $400 million, investment quota from $50 million to $25 million.

now, the Path in the App Store in the App Store downloads ranking dropped to 1000 away. Besides snubbed by consumers, the Path was also due to the failure to government regulators and apple’s review, in the case of without permission will be users address book back to the company server. Survey by the federal trade commission, company with a $800000 settlement later.


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