Apple pushed the “packaging”, to help developers to sell, let consumers save money

in this year’s WWDC on developers’ conference (apple), apple’s ordinary users and application developers as the main group of iOS and OS and App Store several statement. “Application package”, is the apple in the conference one of many new features of the App Store. IOS 8 after officially listed, software developers can use the “packages” packaging (pictured), their application and then sell these customized packages to iOS users. This package will provide users with the application of the purchase price: cheaper compared to the single purchase these applications, direct purchase of packages containing these applications are more cheap. Now, these packages can finally bought directly on the App Store.

to buy a application package is very easy, and from the App Store to buy any other ordinary application. Even more interesting is, if you want to buy in the application package includes the application of one or more you’ve bought, then you will be able to use than the original price of this package is more favorable price to buy the entire application package.

in addition to the purchase of packages for yourself, you can have friends and family to buy iOS devices.

at present, apple has already on the App Store offers the following packaging application classification, including application package, package bundles and children — as shown in the illustration.


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