Apple Pay is hard to change the pattern of China mobile payment

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everyone is almost certainly this is Apple’s failure product launch since 2007, “to have invented the first ugly” iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus, and he did not want to see the Apple Watch, but it is not a problem for Apple, because Apple released this two years at the news conference, one of the most potential product Apple Pay, although only only ten minutes at the news conference, this may be the future Apple’s huge a source of income is also supporting the backbone of the Apple shares.

1, parsing the Apple Apple Pay

at present most of apple’s income comes from profits high hardware sales, a small part from the iTunes AppStore and developers and labels. In the development of iPod, iTunes, as well as the IOS app store download, Apple has accumulated vast amounts of binding credit card users, 330 million people worldwide have iPhone users, this reserve of more than 300 million users is likely to be Apple users Pay.

when the iPhone 5 s to join the fingerprint identification of Touch ID, became an important piece in the field of payment: apple layout belongs to the biometric fingerprint recognition, is currently safe and efficient and convenient way to pay, pay, safe and convenient is a difficult problem, fewer steps easier verify inevitably bring safe hidden trouble, biological recognition to a certain extent solved the problem).

the iPhone 6 release only need to add an NFC chip, the final step of filling the pay, pay a perfect closed loop is formed. In fact Apple is doing just that, and planning for a long time, don’t give rivals reaction time (at this point, Apple is Pay the conference most jobs spirit products), Apple Pay was born young: with VISA, MasterCard and American express’s three biggest issuers cooperation, joint six Banks, covering 22000 retailers.

Apple to NFC payments, instantly changed direction and the future of the industry as a whole the payment whether Google dominate Google Wallet, or online payment or Paypal, Square and other main NFC, undoubtedly have to follow Apple’s big steps, not for other, just because it’s called Apple.

apple offline payment using NFC technology, with a Touch ID to encrypt validation, and put the user information in the Secure Element “, to Touch the ID information in “Secure Enclave” principle, the user’s payment information will be stored in the mobile phone within a single chip, apple does not track transaction amount and place the payment information, transaction information Banks and businesses know only. Because NFC payment is match to the POS need to be able to read the NFC chip, transform the old credit card POS machine is a huge project, apple since have so many partners from the start, visible apple under the merchants cooperation negotiations, to pays photogenic put so many partners listed on the stage.

Apple Pay can also be used for online payment, not only through the NFC, directly through the credit card validation fingerprint.

apple to pay the equivalent of tied card, no pool, the concept of transaction is only between merchants and customers, apple act as a channel role, in fact this is similar to pay treasure to pioneering and quick payment. Apple Pay is said to be the charge to the bank, that a huge amount of mobile payment is a big business, may not inferior at AppStore selling software. But it also illustrates the besides pay, apple will not enter the Internet financial sector for the time being. (WeChat WeChat pay in 5.4 with WeChat purse, with pools, WeChat will pay more action in terms of the Internet financial.)

2, Apple Pay for China mobile payment have what effect?

China unionpay is actively contact with the apple, hope to be able to set the standard in China together.

China currently offline payment with two forces, one is unionpay, operators and some NFC manufacturer for promotion of NFC payments; One is pay treasure WeChat waiting for Internet companies to promote sound waves sweep code channel of mobile payments via the Internet.

pay treasure and WeChat by taking a taxi, contribution and renovation stores pay pay war environment, etc., have high NFC payments in calls. NFC camp, unionpay with operators have been initiative, struggle, offline POS machine also can’t on track, unionpay pay while promoting the flash, but no players to join, such as the apple was still in a testing phase. Some originally joined NFC function in mobile phone manufacturers, because of slow to commercialization, have also quit, millet 3 and meizu MX3 has function of NFC payments, successor to millet 4 and MX4 are cancelled NFC module.

since apple support NFC mode, half of the world, at least can influence NFC will set off a tornado in the future. Unionpay positive and shown good apple, naturally want to borrow the apple dongfeng, will pay into China unionpay own NFC flash standard.

my judgment is that the negotiations will succeed, unionpay and apple won’t reach cooperation in China. According to the strength of the apple style, now that have their own standards and closed loop, why can also allow others to say a child. Unionpay position also suggests that in China unionpay to apple assignment is too much, will not be in the interests of alipay when unionpay never adversary. With reference to the China mobile years difficult negotiations with the apple is easy to reach this conclusion.

to contact, since apple to publish with the function of paying the iPhone 6, before release certainly be greeting advantage manufacturers on the market. As far as I know, prior to the release of the iPhone 6, companies such as apple is looking for alipay has revealed some of the major standards.

Apple Pay promotion NFC payment in China can better? Now it seems very difficult.

NFC payments to transform a large number of POS machine, a renovation costs 1000 yuan, at present China’s 10 million POS machine, has 3 million sets of NFC function, light modification cost will be 7 billion, who out of the money?

NFC payments in the chain, unionpay, operators and Apple mobile phone companies want to dominate, unionpay and mobile was unified in the NFC technology standard, now Apple Apple Pay standard came out again, merchants.

Internet companies dominated the sweep code such as mobile payment, pay treasure to purse and WeChat payment is two big players, although there is a competition between the two fundamental purpose is consistent, whether by sound waves or qr code, is a means of connecting the world. Transformation of low cost, are the benefits of the Internet mobile payment through the drops quickly take a taxi, quickly swept the country.

but is not the same as Internet kind, offline payment need to push a lot of patience and time to do, is good at doing to push pay treasure to purse is run faster than the micro letter pay, are a step ahead in the field of public transport and hospitals.

but best offline but not Internet companies, so the mobile payment, from the era of traditional “contractor” and “mason” more patient and advantage. In front of the credit card spending nearly 30 trillion, mobile payment industrial chain may not produce traditional giant, on whether Internet companies or NFC industry chain, can share.

however, although more bullish on the code to pay, and try not to give up on NFC Internet company, pay treasure to purse version 8.0 has joined the NFC payments, with fingerprint payment huawei Mate7 also have cooperation. The balance of the future of mobile payments, regardless of which side to smart Internet companies are not falling.


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