Apple or push cloud morning hunting 】 【 tablet, everyone?


apple application OSX multi-touch patent, 12 inches tablet with dual system

to submit an application for a patent for a new apple, the patent contains a OSX multi-touch mechanism. The technology can apply to the device and the MacBook at the same time, this can also be seen as the first step and MacBook hybrid system.


for touch screen version of the MacBook, apple’s senior vice President of Craig Federighi has said it will not launch this product. So, the larger versions equipped with dual system take the first step should be the apple. The patented technology will be used in the future to the Pro (the Air Plus). This powerful tablet using 12.9 inch screen, carrying OSX system, can be choosing for a MacBook laptop computer. In addition, many signs that this tablet/notebook and new products will be released next year.

tablet and not new. Apple, are you sure not because tablet sales decline, only thought of the unity of the plan? Is also, sales of laptops and tablets, one may be a chance to live. However, aren’t you afraid of 1 + 1 is less than 2, on the wall? Hunting cloud network will pay for the fruit 6, but won’t acquire tablet, please raise your hand that I have more than one…

was seconds kill everyone, film and television have been raised, striker net no vitality

on November 28, start in the afternoon, there are a number of netizens found that all the film and television can from domestic normal access. Log on to the site found that video resources or subtitles can be downloaded at present. Such as the big bang theory, the walking dead “and other TV drama can download video and subtitles, super body”, “divergence” and so on movie subtitles can be downloaded, but “because of copyright issues, does not provide resources download”. Notable is, all the film and television announced on November 28th in the morning microblogging site recovery access hint that weibo wrote: “invictus maneo.” netizens pointed out that this is the fourth season of the suspect tracking number 9 sets of American play until the end of lines, in Latin it means: “I still haven’t be conquered”.

just recover soon everyone video website into cannot open again. And some lucky opened all the film and television front page found that after the announcement has changed again. Before, all the film and television announcement for “website closed is clearing the content”, and now has become a “video website officially closed in China”. About international edition, announcement is still under discussion, specific date unknown. In addition all the film and television also said that they are not currently enabled other domain names and the client, are all fake website access by other domain name. With everyone on the same day cannot access the striker is still unable to login, or will be no recovery.

cloud network hunting like a lot of TV drama, said if no subtitles, how to do? Is it in order to elevate the level of English 46 class, just hate iron not to produce this decision? We need to know to cherish the opportunity to learn English. No matter, anyway, “American horror story” sohu network copyright, not afraid.

national research legislation, Internet, electricity use pay interview information

the general administration of press and publication liu binjie said that countries are ready to support a general platform, to strengthen the legal protection of intellectual property news work. All of the original news on this platform, no Internet, no electricity, can only be used on the platform interview information, pay to use. Fusion is an important direction of the central put forward for promoting the development of the media, but the actual propulsion is difficult. Mr Liu believes that media convergence, the first thing to push through reforms.

pay attention to even the film copyright, news also want to charge, exactly is the intellectual property rights, or interests. The traditional media has long been a source of profits, the Internet to spread information quickly, rich in content. Do not complain the robbed the traditional media job, and should take advantage of an opportunity for innovation.

“family treasure” chain home on the Internet finance products 8% annualized returns

the chain of home real estate financial products “family treasure” has been launched. 9 “family treasure” is a short-term financial products, close period 1 to 3 months, and fixed annual yield 8%, investment 1000 yuan, profit way for one-time debt servicing, financing the product total is 4.17 million yuan RMB. The product chain docking homes only deal loan project, house money funds supervision by a third party. Melting field reference letter mortgage, HOME LINK to the risk of security deposit to be paid first, at the same time HOME LINK promised 100% interest.

this product is currently only within the company to subscribe, does not take the initiative to push to the user, of course, the user can through HOME LINK website and buy the product. Home side did not disclose more details for the product chain, but said they would launch follow-up and perfect series of products for investors to choose to buy. Chain home real estate in Beijing in 2012 nearly 5000 stores, turnover of more than 110 billion yuan, including agency fees for 2.7% of the total price is 3.315 billion yuan. Chain home throughout the Beijing second-hand house intermediary market accounted for 50%.

everywhere to spend money, hunting cloud network recommend an annualized revenue is tall and of project. It is not advertising, it is not advertising. It just 8% annualized returns appealed to himself, after all, a variety of treasure leading “treasure” difficult to achieve high yield market.

wanda IPO approved, kunlun ten thousand d, devoted to devoted to update the prospectus

the wanda cinema line co., LTD., starting today. Wanda cinema line will land on the shenzhen stock exchange small and medium-sized plate, an initial public offering is not more than 60 million shares. Once the prospectus shows that the IPO success, wanda cinema line to raise 2 billion yuan of funds, in addition to the $400 million used to supplement working capital, 1.6 billion yuan will be used in other cinema construction projects. This will make the wanda cinema line built cinema at the end of 2016, 260, 2300 pieces of screen, equivalent to the cinema at the end of 2013 and doubled the size of the screen. The latest news, dalian wanda commercial real estate group approved by Chinese regulators raised $6 billion in Hong Kong, wanda commercial real estate is the Chinese billionaire wang jianlin owned by dalian wanda group subsidiary. According to the plan, wanda commercial to launch a global roadshow, on December 5 in hkex on December 19.

Beijing Kunlun Tech Co., Ltd. The prospectus show that kunlun ten thousand revenue of 968 million yuan in the first half of 2014, among them, the mobile network game revenue of 653 million yuan, on page 273 million yuan, operating profit of 274 million yuan, net income of 231 million yuan. Kunlun d 2011 ~ 2013 and ten thousand from January 2014 to June, acting operation game revenues respectively 203 million, 348 million, 1.07 billion, 348 million yuan, authorized operation game revenues of 87.97 million, 95.98 million, 136 million, and 95.98 million yuan respectively. Kunlun ten thousand d be listed on the shenzhen stock exchange, plans to open no more than 70 million shares issued shares, sponsored by China international capital co., LTD. To raise funds to invest in research and development of mobile game, page with the agent, agent and 1 mobile android app store development, etc. As of June 30, 2014 kunlun ten thousand d balance of monetary funds is 725 million yuan, accounting for the proportion of total assets of 53.76%.

domestic mobile social applications devoted to devoted to update the prospectus, determine the IPO price range of $12.50 – $14.50. Is estimated according to the median, Momo will raise $256.6 million from the IPO. The number consists of public and private sale of shares, but does not include the underwriters may exercise of the over-allotment part. Devoted to devoted to double the stock structure, is listed on the nasdaq. New, according to the prospectus Momo co-founder, chairman and chief executive has all class B shares, retain 78% of the total voting shares. Momo stock underwriters for Morgan Stanley, jp Morgan chase, credit suisse and China huaxing capital etc. According to the regulations of the prospectus to sell some privately, alibaba and 58 city, respectively from the stranger devoted to buy $5 million and $1 million worth of class A shares. Momo said in the prospectus, the company is not profitable, as of September 30, its cumulative for $97.3 million.

will make money giants to become more profitable. Good, envy said.

Microsoft and yahoo began giving the European users’ right to be forgotten “

Microsoft and yahoo!, the two companies announced who want to exercise the right of “forgotten” European users, they have begun to delete the related search results in each search engine. And Google one step ahead, already according to user’s application to delete 208000 links.

so far, on the right of “forgotten” problem, people’s attention is focused on Google. Due to the company by the user to prosecute, the European court to make a decision in May this year, say when people think about their own information “inadequate, irrelevant, or no longer applicable, shall have the right to demand the search engine in the search results will be deleted, this is the so-called” right to be forgotten “. The decision of the scope also extended to other search engines, such as Microsoft’s Bing and yahoo.

don’t forgotten forgotten that important? Cloud network hunting small make up can be remembered more feeling better, although this far from the known than when a star, satisfy the vanity is also very good ah.

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