Apple is expected to be released on October 16, a new device, or to add local tyrants gold version

, according to people familiar with the apple on October 16, held a product launch, released in the fall of the second wave of new products. Expect a wave of new products will include the fingerprint sensors equipped with Touch ID and 27 inches of Retina edition iMac.

according to tech blog website Re/code on Friday quoted some not willing to disclose the identity of the people familiar with the words, apple is expected the next product launch will be held in two weeks. Reporter, John paz, (John Paczkowski) said that this time the product launch is expected in California cooper in cupertino apple auditorium of enterprises in the park.

the conference is expected in September than the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Apple iPhone Watch conference carefree.

existing media earlier reported that apple plans released in mid to late October the next batch of new products. , according to people familiar with the company have internal project and the deadline of marketing in the middle of October.

if the expected accuracy, then the conference time with its latest quarterly earnings are only separated by less than a week. Apple will be released after the markets closed on October 20, the latest quarterly results.

patzer grams, said on Friday that the device and the new iMac will be the highlight of the conference. Recent rumours that apple plans to launch a 27 inch Retina edition iMac, it marks the apple will be the first to all-in-one product equipped with ultra-high resolution display.

as for the device, widely expected to new product can increase the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. At present, only the iPhone equipped with Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Also, the new device is likely to adopt with the iPhone 6 and A8 Plus.

there are news recently said that the next generation will be increased by a local tyrants gold version.

source: tencent technology

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