Apple, Google, Paypal, three horizontal than mobile payment applications

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mobile payment can replace the wallet? With the popularity of smart phones, mobile payment is becoming more and more sought after by the masses. Go out in the outside, if not my wallet? A mobile phone, enough to do the world. Next, hunting cloud network editor jun is a brief introduction of Paypal, Google wallet and Apple Pay their respective advantages and disadvantages.

there is no denying the fact is, such as Apple Pay Pay (Apple), mobile payment, will eventually be cell phone mobile payments into the mainstream. But it is not the only option. Google and PayPal which is the most main competitor.

in order to better understand the prospects of the development of mobile payment, I tried a most smartphone users have tried things: with the help of mobile payments in a physical store to buy things.

it has been proved that although we prefer to use mobile payment to replace our purse, but retailers are don’t like. Google wallet, Paypal payments and Apple Pay are leading mobile payment has significant influence, but even they are hard to make businessmen to invest heavily in technology, prompting induction payment transaction into the mainstream.

in addition, there are Softcard (original Isis mobile money), it is a by the AT& T move, t-mobile and Verizon three carriers combined to create the Mobile payment solutions. Although Softcard never truly penetrate into the market, but with the terrorist organization ISIS zhangs, ISIS mobile money instead Softcard, became the focus of the masses.

this is a battle worth fighting. Mobile payment not only provides a very reliable multi-layer safety certification process, and greatly reduce the credit card crime of fraud.

Apple Pay

the installation of the iOS 8.1 (with the Apple the application of Pay) within an hour, I take a taxi to the sidewalk in New York, ready to go to the cashier and “make a cliff”, he may not understand why spend my own money also will be so excited. When I realize, however, across the street is a couple of Bai Ji cake shops (they all over the streets in New York) and the flower shop, the excitement was soon calmed down.

at the end of the day, I played the whole foods (famous organic food supermarket). It is one of the Pay Apple product launch partners, and to ensure that users Pay Apple launched will full support. Facts prove that their choice is correct. Cooperation on both sides of the transaction is going very well.

the checkout when I buy something, I put my iPhone in the credit card terminal, and the screen is lit up. At this time, I chose to I have been using a credit card, then scanning fingerprints, 1 of “du” after deals are completed.

Advantages of

if the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus only one thing to do was very successful, which is the payment application. To deal with it just a few seconds to complete. For those who habitually from bag laborious people dug out the wallet, this process is particularly short.

Apple Pay the biggest advantage is safety. When you will be a credit card and Pay Apple binding together, its 16 digits will not be stored on the device. Instead, Apple will Pay use “token” technology, Apple calls the technology equipment account code, used to replace the user already has a credit card account. The “token”, consists of 16 digits, and stored in the iPhone chip called security elements.

and then, when you are shopping, your phone will be “token” sent to the owner, rather than a real 16 bit Numbers. The only way to access token is scan your fingerprints. So what is the result? Three layers of security, which greatly reduce the possibility of fraud.

it’s also worth noting that, apple promised never keep track of your payment. However, this does not prevent retailers through their point-of-sale information management system or loyalty program to your “tracking”.


220000 support for retailers, is currently supported Apple Pay booking system, the total number of retail stores. It sounds like a lot, but in fact, that in the United States is only a small part of the retail and food enterprises.
At present, you need to apple store to purchase an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. However, the future of the iPhone 5 s, 5 c and 5 users can Watch enabled Apple Apple Pay.

Google wallet

the practice of bloomingdale’s Cosmetics Cosmetics (the world’s first luxury LVMH group members) is one of the Google wallet product launch partners. So I come before they counter, just want to buy a the cheapest makeup to try Google wallet. Obviously, makeup girl is not clear I to the purpose of shopping, so start to sell me their latest products. Finally, I excitedly told him that I want to pay using my mobile phone, he was curious answered and said, “in what way?”

because of the credit card payment terminal function without any staff intervention, so the practice of the company’s employees don’t understand Google wallet or apple to pay, not a very important thing. But the appeals to me is that people lack of understanding of Google wallet, reaffirms my guess: Google product marketing work is not so good. In addition, businesses are likely to be also too lazy to organize employee training of mobile payment method.

although consciousness lacking, but Google wallet is really a big work. I will phone to unlock, using the terminal, input PIN my wallet, then you can complete the transaction as usual.

Advantages of

although it took three years for decomposition and reconstruction, but Google’s mobile payment are many Android users finally that can effectively use, such as an app. Although there may be no Apple Pay fashionable sex, but it has functional.

pay like apple, Google wallet use tags – your true 16-bit number has never been exposed to shop. But rather than through access token of the chip to strengthen the protection and the use of Google is a function similar to a security element chip host card analog (HCE) processing module.

the method based on the cloud computing, Google wallet can and installed on the Android mobile NFC (near field communication equipment) compatible. This application allows you to store the club card or gift card, can also win the “purse”, and the winning places far more than any other mobile payment.


although Google has a great influence, and the company has been working hard to increase the number of dealers can support NFC payments, but even in Google wallet launched three years later, still didn’t get a remarkable success. Although I always use my Android phone to pay, but I was very surprised to find support businesses of the technology is so less. (it is worth mentioning that in general, the operation of the Google wallet and pay apple market is the same.)

Google wallet is the most need to improve its compatibility with equipment. In order to be able to use Google wallet in a shop, you need a new cell phone with a NFC function, and running a Android4.4 KitKat or later. And it is important to note that although has launched a year, KitKat also accounts for only 25% of the Android mobile phone.

although Google wallet with tags, HCE makes things more complicated. For starters, you need to use Google wallet mobile services, because the mobile phone need to retrieve the token from the cloud. In addition, any work must be in the cloud, rather than at the local, so it is more vulnerable to security attacks.


in San Francisco, most trusted family businesses are proficient in science and technology, many coffee shops and diners can accept Paypal in the center of this payment. Most of the family enterprises are equipped with a device, when I input using Paypal, it will show my face. Made Good Cafe is one of these places. When it was my turn to order, I ordered the tuna (a) of the tuna salad. Cafe attendant said, “Sharon? I nodded. He reached out a finger points on the screen, say: “thanks!” Then a kind of satisfaction in my heart arises spontaneously.

although the need to “input”, but the process has been simplified. It not only cause trouble did not give me, and I can see how it is to let my face appeared in the POS, which may make some people feel novelty. But disconcertingly, I found that as long as my cell phone is unlocked, the default application Settings will allow me to choose and buy again without authentication (e.g., passwords or fingerprint).

Advantages of

Paypal transaction, spent 15 years and doing quite well. Like all online transactions, you use Paypal in the store to buy is both a sign and encrypt. In addition, if your phone has a fingerprint scanner (e.g., the samsung Galaxy S5), you can use it for licensing deals.

Paypal spokesman explained that they are invisible to accept Paypal merchant customer complete identity information, personal information or financial data.

to use Paypal for online shopping or remittance to my friends, it is very easy to use Paypal in the shop. Paypal also allows customers on credit card terminals, using their phone number and a PIN or Paypal card for shopping.


the splendid application, poor infrastructure. Due to Paypal and have no access to the existing ecological system, POS like pay apple and Google wallet, the company seems to have been trying to make business login to the application of it to solve the problem. Paypal says you can thousands of stores across the country to buy things. If you want to find your nearest place to use Paypal, the best way is to start the application and view the nearby locations.

for privacy, Paypal said it from the customer personal trading, but the review summary data to find the development trend. Use Paypal businesses can have a deeper understanding of client purchase needs. And Google wallet, for example, if you want to use Paypal, you need to mobile phone services.

apple once payment success, everyone can benefit

mobile payment is not new, apple is not the first to think that use mobile phone instead of the wallet. However, this is the first time we use mobile phones to pay, we also did. It’s all thanks to a perfect opportunity.

to October 1, 2015, most americans will use EMV credit and debit CARDS. These CARDS look like a variety of magnetic stripe, but they have a chip, so that it can greatly reduce the case of fraud. nullnullnullnullnullnull

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