Apple, Facebook female staff to provide a $20000 “eggs refrigerated fees”

(/horse relief yi wen)

according to foreign media reports, the two tech giants apple and Facebook is determined by the recently launched the “protection of the rights and interests of female employees project” – “eggs refrigerated welfare expenses”. The two technology giants to each willing to delay the pregnant women, provides the highest 20000 yuan “egg freezing to save cost, so that the women in the most young years, make a commitment to work rather than gave birth to the child’s life.

egg refrigeration technology is a new trend, arose in the late 1980 s, the technology only spend 10-15 minutes can be extracted from healthy women mature body intact egg, and rapid cryopreservation. As a result, even more than suitable for reproductive age women (25-35), can also realize conception through frozen eggs. It is understood that each egg freezing the survival time of up to 10 years. But the price is very expensive, every need costs about $1 through the whole process.

proponents argue that the practice of the two technology giants liberated by women of family “down”. They can freely choose to become excellent employees in the workplace, achieve their career planning. Opponents argue that the egg refrigeration technology is still cannot guarantee that older women can 100% pregnancy success. They think the technology giant is the biggest benefits for female staff continue to research how to develop the system of “flexible working hours”.

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