Apple employee compensation list: people earn?

believes that many people are very yearning to work in apple, then, do you know the apple, what jobs of high salary? Designer? Or an engineer? The information that we collected according to Glassdoor, a table of apple high-paying jobs were summarized. If you are interested in, might as well stop reading.

salary data from anonymous report on Glassdoor, providers are some of the current employment and the recent departure of employees in the company, they voluntarily provide these data. If you see jobs that interest you here, then began to print your resume!

22. Genius bar service

salary: $44070 (the following data are salary for

genius bar customer service is very important to apple store shopping experience. But at least in terms of compensation, and they don’t seem to get the apple.

21. Genius bar chief customer service

salary: $55626

when you are at the apple retail store genius bar appointment after a short period of time, there will be a modest rise in pay.

the apple genius bar chief customer service compensation is a good software engineer half pay.

20 apple store manager

salary: $56046

apple needs some people to manage the store. Store managers than genius bar staff and sales representatives are higher income.

19. Customer manager

salary: $82479

customer manager to manage and maintain the relationship between the enterprises. Apple and many advertisers, hardware vendor has the close relation, so apple need people to manage and maintain these relationships.

18. The manager

salary: $85357

when the manager is the head of apple every retailer. Everyday you deal with the consumers might not see them standing in the front, but in terms of apple’s success, and they played.

17. Business analysts

salary: $92169

business analyst needs to ensure that apple’s business smoothly.

16. Financial analysts

salary: $94799

apple has a high quality of finance team, they will ensure smooth running of the business, but also to ensure the good financial situation.

15. Software quality assurance engineer

salary: $99650

apple to ensure normal operation of the software, and welcomed by consumers. This was the responsibility of the software quality assurance engineer.

14. Systems engineers

salary: $104310

the apple, there are many suppliers and factories, so it needs to manage their own logistics system, to ensure that the product can deliver goods on time. Systems engineers need to make sure the continuity of the whole industry chain, and to manage risk control in the company.

13. The project manager

salary: $107631

the project manager to ensure that in a specific project, all the details together, and to be able to finish it on time. They are responsible for the supervision and apple within a series of rules and regulations to carry out the situation.


firmware engineers

salary: $113155

the firmware engineers to ensure that all apple software running on hardware. This is an important position, in terms of software and hardware are professional talent to do.

11. Testing engineer

salary: $113916

test engineer need to conduct stress tests for products, to ensure that products meet the quality standards of apple. They also is responsible for a set of test procedures, ensure that apple sold each device is the function is perfect, no defects.

10. senior system engineer

salary: $117237

this is apple inside one of the senior positions of minimum wage. However, a senior systems engineer salary still equivalent to twice the normal retail store clerk.

9. Hardware engineer

salary: $118739

hardware engineer’s job is to ensure that apple’s hardware.

8. Software engineers

salary: $119336

software engineers are the brains behind apple applications and operating systems. Compared with Google software engineer salary is more higher, the average income of $125322.

7. Database administrator

salary: $122669

apple also need to deal with a large amount of data, whether the use of user data, or the App Store application data, or Siri made in networking services such as data, apple is a good finishing them. Database administrators need to ensure that apple’s database quickly, can’t drop.

6. Product design engineers

salary: $125983

design is an extremely important work in apple. Companies to treat product designers also considerable, usually higher than software engineers.

Mechanical engineers


salary: $127464

apple’s products also faces many traditional mechanical problems, the company needs to solve the fuselage shift problems such as fever and parts. Mechanical engineers to ensure that apple’s products will not be destroyed because of the details.

4. product manager

salary: $131108

product managers need to ensure that apple’s each product can meet their quality standard, need to pay attention to each link of the process of production. Product managers also need and marketing personnel, designers, software engineers and hardware engineers to communicate, becomes a bridge between everything.

3. senior software engineer

salary: $140832

senior software engineer income was slightly lower than senior hardware engineer. At this level, you might be dealing with apple’s most mysterious products, such as apple map or the iPhone operating system.

2. senior hardware engineer

salary: $150105

when you are in apple after a long time, you will be promoted to a senior hardware engineer. So from now on, you will have a lot of this session.

1. industrial designer

salary: $174140

wow! Steve Jobs said more than once, an apple is a company in the design and the intersection of science and technology. Have a kind of innovation ability in the core of the apple, it is this ability to make their products ahead of Google and other rivals, the advantage of this is that other companies cannot.

apparently, responsible for product the whole visual experience, as well as the person in charge of visual communication and consumers, must be in apple as important position, is also one of apple’s most valuable talents.

in 2011, apple’s design guru which Jony Ive $30 million, look at this, he make sure it is much more than the listed above.

Source: CNET

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