APP anyway: “split screen + map” interactive photo new gameplay

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the photo, someone can play out flowers! Hunting cloud network reported before a one person half, recently appeared on the market have a more worthy of play “and” double mirror film applications. It pioneered the “split screen + map” interactive pictures play, “anyway” can be combined lens before and after photographs, deserve to go up cool map made photos become more fun. At the same time can also share the “god” to the social network.

cut in two, the user can flexibly call before and after the lens, the most interesting is its function of stickers, imaginative people can spell well feel pictures of artistic conception and theme. Or tease than, or design, or cute.

tag for each painting has a corresponding scene, can click on view of the different users share under the same label content, and support individual users attention to each other. Personal interface in the form of labels showing scenes.

good product also need to operate, anyway about team is currently in operation such as “ordinary youth VS asshole youth” “play yourself” “best d’s” lift the user participation enthusiasm. “Shenzhen taste” is their most recent in a related activities. For stickers, hunting cloud network understands, anyway the APP on his micro blog vigorously for illustration, graphic to complement the sticker is not rich.

team, founder and CEO of huangpu, once engaged in group-buying, e-commerce market, etc, have rich relative working experience in Internet and mobile Internet market. Positive and negative APP belongs to shenzhen Ding Zai network technology co., LTD.

regal group had earlier to get the domestic venture capital company (capital) of A wheel. Team still has a startup project is for the mobile Internet gaming enthusiast community “, “dedicated to provide mobile phone game players to online e-sports vertical social platform as the core.

APP anywayCompany: shenzhen Ding Zai network technology co., LTD.

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