APICloud founder and CEO rebekah: HTML 5 practitioners learn to listen to survive


cloud network hunting note: the first two years, due to the convenient development features of HTML 5 technology, Internet giants are favored at home and abroad, believe that it will replace the existing native APP sharply. Over time, however, due to technical experience, each big giants began to look pale. Powerful head, let a person can’t help doubt HTML 5 technology development to which step now? Founder APICloud rebekah to hunt cloud network to a manuscript, from the Angle of industry technical differences between HTML 5 technology and application of ecological and coexistence complementary are analyzed.



the author introduction: bass, APICloud mobile application of cloud services, founder and CEO, focusing on the domestic and foreign research in the field of mobile application development platform, system on Web app challenge and the development of Hybrid app. With APICloud.com mobile cloud services has been applied successfully to the aurora borealis brought $5 million in A round of funding.


built a micro letter HTML “ecology”, but practitioners to darling!

it overturned if native APP, is not a simple Web APP rise, it means that the construction of “ecological” system, including the new operating system, new players, new business models, new product logic, etc. But few people really believe that disruption will appear soon.

aside “HTML 5 subversion APP” such appalling rhetoric, the industry has seen some build HTML 5 “ecological” opportunities exist, such as WeChat has been integrated into the native ecological and build their own small ecological HTML 5. But into the ecological means obedience, WeChat also depends on higher ecological systems such as Apple, such as face, follow the rules. Similarly WeChat small ecological system under the players also need to learn to do a darling obedient, xiao-long zhang spoke to HTML 5 games last week renewed enthusiasm poured cold water, don’t know is intentionally or gaffes, conversation of HTML 5 games clear refused to allow the industry to rekindle hope again hit.

around the micro letter ecology, the author said “bar”, which is correspond to it in terms of vaulting ambition. Review the Internet open platform, Facebook created company also destroyed the company, China’s Internet hit open platform partners to the strength of will only “worse”, the American market a few years ago was born a company of such company, has had the similar opportunities in China is never true. WeChat high-powered control electric business step by step and the flow of the game, to incorporate the media, if it practitioners out more ambitious, a darling of the conformist from within the small ecological WeChat pie is very realistic, but there is no building “the ecology” and “subversive native APP”.

HTML is a native APP blood vessels under the ecological

mobile browser now sunset xishan, WeChat such “small ecological system but also cannot bear too big ambitions, then it and how to coexist and develop the ecosystem? “Into” is happening! Do not need HTML 5 technology market is not, just don’t need it practitioners ambitions.

it is quickly into the iOS and Android dominated the native ecosystems. Embedded within the native APP webview has become common practice, access to the web page with HTML 5 develop native APP also early is not new. And the further development of it technology to solve some of native APP ecological ills, such as the “island effect” of the APP.

than PC leading web, APP leading mobile Internet without a “large-scale traffic to promote” effective means, “traffic flow” namely backflow model difficult. Integral wall and advertising recommended APP has effect, but compared with a link to a web era jump efficient mode effect is not so ideal.

WeChat friends share let it produced to revitalize the enormous value of the mobile Internet traffic, “the content quickly from an APP, a complete and efficient transfer to another APP” is the most good at part of the HTML 5. In decentralized user equipment desktop, HTML 5 like blood vessels connecting the small independent APP organs and pump blood to different APP. This is it quickly into the one of ecological performance, and the value of free flow acceleration and gradually transforming native ecology.

HTML couldn’t think of the future, detonation point index also look at the

just three years ago, the Chinese market feature phone still occupy the most time, we go to talk about “cloud trend” and the popularity of intelligent terminal speed these topics, almost no one accurate forecast of terminal market pattern today.

the so-called, is often in our unpredictable circumstances in the form of an unknown. The latest U.S. mobile Internet report shows that all the networking equipment in the PC share has been squeezed to less than a quarter and shrink further trends, mobile payment, also based on the “cloud” architecture of mobile shopping, commercial, and other areas of the act is reshaping the tradition, such as starbucks mobile trading more than $6 billion in 2013. HTML 5 subversion APP is this big topic not only today, some say, it is said that a long time. Said not HTML subversion APP possibility does not exist, but even if subversion will not take the form of our current can easily expected, not be mobile browsers, and won’t be APP access Web APP within , these also are adapted to the native ecological pattern. Subversion means revolution, revolution means innovation, only the innovation of the industry have accumulated enough talent, innovation power and innovation resources, pushing for change, is currently almost have the condition of the innovation.

China’s Internet industry is developed, the specific culture, policy, even the Chinese characters for China’s Internet set the natural protective barrier, created unique opportunity for China’s Internet practitioners. But for the most part Chinese Internet development pattern is still the so-called C2C that copy to China, we use the HTML 5, build ecological or HTML 5, or to overturn a native APP, all this as China’s Internet practitioners a more sensible approach is to look for the U.S. market “to the” company, the author does not have any negative China’s Internet industry people the meaning of innovative ability, but if such a disruptive event in a more mature Europe and the United States under the environment of the Internet industry are not set in advance, then alone is more difficult to break through in China.

as a constructive reference indicators, only HTML 5 in Europe and America market has given rise to the size of the successful cases enough cases, China’s HTML 5 big may appear similar opportunities in the field of ecology. But for now, all bets in pure Web based on the technology of HTML 5 mode, chances are slim.

HTML there are “miyoshi”

bass has been accompanied by the growth of the it market, pay attention to it in China’s development, but also the strong supporter of HTML 5 technology development. But in cruel competition environment, the Internet can make a company more 3 years can destroy a company, the Chinese Internet is more like “fast food economy”, put the hope of the development in five years to possible opportunity is equal to suicide. The present use HTML 5 is far more real than bet on it. Rebekah using HTML 5 are summarized three advantages:

1, technology simple

however, as time goes by it’s cross-platform properties and low cost of technology advantage will be further strengthened and play all the time. Under the premise of this in into the original ecological, reconstructing the native ecological value cannot remain completely, and now the advantages have been exerted, embedded HTML 5 APP to reduce manpower and time cost has become a trend industry. The characteristics of simple HTML 5 developers should actively use of technology.

2, the propagation force good

the recent focus on HTML 5 games of practitioners, most of the HTML 5 is also the ecological mode propagation force, instead of technical factors, especially based on WeChat rapid spread of “rich content” within the circle of friends, make full use of the HTML 5 powerful “carrying capacity” and “flow to promote flow ability. HTML 5 practitioners should be actively innovation, play the propagation force and bearing capacity of good properties.

3, high penetrability

a HTML 5 embedded in any APP, the content of the technical work are small and start the webview can be achieved using nested, these are all HTML 5 high penetrability, through service it will easily be born into the APP. Permeation and experience problems, but this is not just said that HTML 5 web app or the technical performance of the game, more about users “sensory experience”, from an app click feeling suddenly start to another user interface, user can produce insecurity, strange feeling. In the “experience economy” in an age of simple infiltration and transmission has been unable to meet the market requirements.

throughout Europe and the United States market, the relevant usage scenarios and didn’t get the value of further ascension, instead, a new integrated into the form is on the rise, “API nested”.

in a relaxed, open apis become a kind of mobile Internet business mainstream appeal, some time ago a news, let a person find everything new and fresh, “Uber open API implementation in starbucks APP is called car”, the difference between the APP and open, by means of API make it possible for “across APP traffic”, and combining with the open apis developers use process, and even users can customize the UI interface, to enhance the user experience, and also enhance the value of the flow. API economy said the rise. And apis are good technology is simple, the propagation force and the advantage of high penetrability, HTML 5 and unlucky met another strong competitor.

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