APICloud: “cloud + end” to define the mobile application development


it is well known that the flow of mobile terminal product already exceeded PC, the PC in the new version or new services, users can real-time access to the site to experience, and the mobile terminal users need to manually update, hysteresis of user experience and service content and behavior of incongruity makes the traditional B/S architecture is transforming to Apps urgently. Therefore, it is a product – APICloud combines “cloud API data and services” and “API” perfect equipment function and interactive experience, to help developers to simplify complex server-side coding procedures, such as rapid implementation of APP development, testing, distribution, management and operation of the whole life cycle management.

the fact from the product name APICloud focus on cloud services, APICloud “cloud API” provide “data services”, “push access (services)”, “cloud repair”, “version management” and “statistical analysis” five services, core orientation is to speed up Mobile innovation, automation, streamline provide data support for the App, especially suitable for Mobile First (Mobile First) business scenario, users mainly developers and operators.

in particular, APICloud provide visualization of the cloud, no data table design simple configuration App “cloud and end” can be realized data communication, in addition, the commonly used cloud module in service at the same time, the data service can be generated automatically according to the data table design RESTful API, this function optimization to the client and the server channel, eliminating the design, development, application, and many other steps. Cloud repair service, which can realize rapid rollback within the App, let the App have self-healing, support breakpoint continuingly, comprehensive security App repair integrity. That is to say, the mobile phone APP can realize automatic optimization, automatic updates.

APICloud “API” will be a large number of mobile applications the functionality required by the “modular” mechanism of encapsulation, and with the aid of APICloud module specification provided to developers, through the JavaScript language, a set of code to invoke the iOS and Android both platform module, so as to realize “building blocks assembled” native application development; More than support collaborative development, more than one key terminal debugging and other services. At the same time support the developers to extend the custom modules. Although developers still need to write some JavaScript code, but it is much easier than Objective – C.

in addition to the above two core services, APICloud also provides APICloud IDE, is the integrated development environment for developers, developers through the IDE to quickly create, write, APP, make module calls the function is more simple, also include a key real machine debugging, code synchronization, compile the local test package, etc.

it’s not hard to see, APICloud cloud services like and Parse, client service in domestic also have APIstore competitors, such as “cloud + side” concept in foreign influence higher products have awhile and Kony, but in domestic, APICloud is the first. APICloud rebekah tell hunt, founder of the cloud network, it is not a completely free service. In some infrastructure projects, like a database storage, file storage, API request quantity limitation of these are used, after more than developers need to pay extra.

founder rebekah, APICloud mobile application of cloud services, founder and CEO, focusing on the domestic and foreign research in the field of mobile application development platform, system on Web App challenge and the development of Hybrid App. APICloud success get the aurora borealis brought $5 million in A round of funding.

Company: grapefruit (Beijing) technology co., LTD.

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