APICloud: a week to complete the App development, the layout of the overseas market

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the model is combined with “cloud API data services” and “API” perfect equipment function and interactive experience, to help developers to simplify complex server-side coding procedures, such as rapid implementation of App development, testing, distribution, management and operation of the whole life cycle management, make the App from one month to shorten the development cycle for 7 days.

recently, APICloud broadened their overseas markets, officially published in English in the United States, help hope to Europe and the United States in the Chinese native place mobile business users quickly layout in the Chinese market.

APICloud pomelo (Beijing) technology co., LTD’s products. Founder and CEO rebekah in the Internet, mobile Internet field more than ten years, he lasts from SP monternet portal age began to focus on the mobile Web, basically witnessed the development of mobile Internet. At present, the team members, a total of 50 people.

“in the era of App explosion, both for intelligent hardware vendor, or a traditional software companies, and mobile entrepreneurs, App is a huge gold mine.” Rebekah tell cloud network hunting their entrepreneurial tuyere is the pain points in order to solve the App developers. On the one hand, App development and technical personnel scarce, the difficulty big, terminal market fragmentation is more and more serious in addition; On the other hand, the traditional app development efficiency cannot be guaranteed, long delay, high maintenance cost, price and user psychological gap is big.

APICloud redefined the mobile application development. The traditional APP development, need to understand the android and IOS platform development personnel every two or three people. Now use APICloud, as long as a people who know their web development, save the development cost, shorten the development time, improve the efficiency. “We used it to make a better app experience, is simply based on the language of the HTML 5, for native app development train of thought, this guarantee both the advantages of it, and there was a native app experience is good, the advantages of high efficiency.”

in terms of the domestic market, and has made a focus on “end” of the company, also have the company as a “cloud”, but there’s no “cloud + end” a body, APICloud is the first in China. The international market, focus on doing “cloud” company is everyone’s more familiar awhile. Rebekah on hunting cloud network, compared with APICloud technology itself is different, learning cycle and the cost is low, but also the most used users convenient way, in addition, APICloud has its own cloud service platform.

in addition, APICloud with rivals another difference is that work with a product idea, with a market mentality to do things. “We always use the most suitable for the development of the Internet means to provide our products. For example, the introduction of the Internet way of thinking to do enterprise Internet of things, promise a week a version, the Internet the whole train of thought, in the software industry. The real developers will experience and the user experience in the first place.” Bass said.

rebekah very stressed: “we service market, is not only to provide technical, we use the concept of the Internet to support our technology or product. Our long-term positioning is hopes to continuously reduce the development costs of mobile application development.”

it is worth mentioning that APICloud has achieved dynamic encryption technology, can effectively prevent the web page code be decompiled, been tampered with, or even stolen data and piracy. “The whole packet encryption protection scheme, no doubt, has the advantage of more can meet the demand of developers. And, more importantly, from product source to prevent infringement, may be the most important future avoid pirated way.” Rebekah told hunting cloud network.

as we have learned, as a cloud service company, APICloud only for public cloud services this take charge according to the measurement model, development tools is permanent free.

after three months of operation, rebekah, APICloud released less than a month has the business users, to November, developed based on APICloud APP surge, have been used in the APP Store online; And the more strict and invite code to register system, has reached tens of thousands of registered users.

in addition, APICloud B team plans to start next year round. It has won the school was founded at the beginning of this year the company will get $5 million in financing.


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