Apes question bank push new products – small apes search topic, photo search for a quick answer

in 2014 is a year of education come to online, focus on the question in the field of K12 class App. Such as search tool “ape question bank”, the student answer UGC mode of “problem”, and take pictures search mode of “outstanding student jun” etc, the online education style is varied. Is not hard to find, in many question type of App play, photo search problem with its simple and convenient operation, more able to capture the user’s demand directly.

recently, — little ape apes question bank introduced a new application search topic, aiming and take pictures for the topic. From my experience, the little ape search interface design is very concise, only provide pictures search function. Little ape to search answer can only share to WeChat, QQ. The relevant person in charge of team tell hunting cloud network, “little ape search problem is simple and convenient take pictures search features seem to have hit the students needs, users are growing fast.”

from hunting cloud network experience, basic accurate identification, answer to present quick response. How did the little ape to search the topic specific layout, and break through the technological barriers?

it is understood that the computer installed the eyes is an important part of intelligent interaction, little ape to search the topic the technological level of using image Recognition technology is one of the most important niche OCR (Optical Character Recognition, Optical Character Recognition), automatic Optical device resulting image examination paper characters, by measuring the pattern of dark and bright determine its shape, implementation of computer text reading.

however, in the “hownet” of 100 junior middle school mathematics subject, evaluating photos found the topic of App search topic and search accuracy of time experiment, test results: the questions little ape to search after the upload, find out the answer is, on average, eight seconds, search the accuracy of ranking first, but it is only 62%.

hunting cloud network understanding, restricting photographed question-answering time has the following several factors: external shooting environment (such as light, camera pixels, definition of the test itself, etc.), the image recognition and search ability of the software itself, title to the software, the number of rich degree (which is also can fit to the key). This view, not only the little ape search topic, all pictures search topic class App on the future development road, there are many need to overcome the difficulties.

there is no denying the fact that little ape to search the topic is the innovation of traditional education mode, to ease the burden on students, has very big effect to improve the learning efficiency. And subject to practice as a student the most important part of the daily learning, students have rigid requirements to consult the title and the answer, and combined with artificial intelligence and image recognition to make small apes search App, just meet the demand of the middle school students directly.

small apes search topic
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