Any room for $799, high five turned into cloud video conference room

video conference and cooperation between China and the production efficiency can be promoted to the new level, but so far it is very difficult for most businesses and applications for video conference, that often require expensive professional hardware facilities and is not designed for a growing number of migrant labor software systems.

a startup company named high five want to change this situation, through a round smooth hardware and a set of cloud video conferencing software makes the small and medium-sized enterprises can realize face to face.

has nearly a year since we first reported high five, it comes from the founder of Docverse Shan Sinha and Jeremy Roy. A few years ago they sell the company to the Google, then began to find out the ways to communicate with each other to help the team cooperation.

we reported last time, the high five to raise only 13.5 million funds to “break now enterprise of communication”, have been silent after the. Now, a year later, high five finally ready to show their work achievements.

now, the high five to introduce a set of video conferencing products, including a $799 worth of high-definition video camera and a set of can easily move also can arrange related members and invited to participate in the meeting of mobile phone application.

the purpose of this product is to build more face-to-face contact between the staff, high five members believe it can make the meeting more efficient. After the buyout by Google, they in place for each meeting room video conference line installed, this let employees able to communicate with other team members even if they are not in an office.

it also avoids the conference calls and information sharing. Through the video conference and screen sharing, they can reduce the time of the dial, avoid information without getting on the same page, meeting more efficiently.

the problem is that most organizers even in a room to install Google can’t afford with the kind of video conference equipment, let alone the fitted in every room. Conventional installation cost about $20000 each room, high five know to make it easier to be accepted, you need to reduce the price.

this is the starting point of their $799 video equipment, in this price, even small and medium-sized enterprise can let employees via video conference. And thanks to its hardware and software integration, the method of high five believe it can at less than the price of video conference system to provide higher quality of experience.

the cameras are equipped with a 1080 p high fidelity microphone and camera, wireless chips, no remote control or wire connection equipment, as long as the camera identification to the user in the room they can begin to set out.

as long as you send a link, users can invite members to participate in the meeting, the link can be in computer browser or high five open in mobile applications. If someone else want to share content on the screen, can also be handed over control to them. Each time 10 persons to attend the video meeting, high five hope before the end of the year could increase to 15.

in addition to the $799 video cameras, and other services to a group of users are free. But the company is prepared to offer additional service of $10 per person, per month, including a custom logo for each company, broadcasting city hall and provide subscribers with personal login options.

before the release, in 100 different organizations have been the high five for their video conference system in the closed beta, including offering, HotelTonight, NxStage Medical and Mimeo. Now it wants to promote its hardware, 4 to 6 weeks to ship equipment is expected to new customers.


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