Ant stumbles elephant: a small application have challenged enterprise software giant

since the cloud application received a promotion, obviously is the traditional commercial software tool no longer has the advantages of simple, it has become the status quo. Although now SaaS (software services) both pattern is five times as many as 2011, enterprise software leadership by conservatives hold – still has a long history of players like Microsoft and Adobe has begun using the cloud, but this is more of the change of the sales strategy, and does not change fundamentally.

with the advent of BYOA phenomenon, numerous applications for enterprises to build ecological groups, gradually into the enterprise management software market. Although these new application is promising, but want to gain significant market share in this level of attractiveness, there are two conditions is very important.

the best application to producers through the bottom-up and the strategic integration of smart sales gain momentum in the enterprise application of the ecosystem, from this way more power than the other parts.

application economy changed the sales process

historically, enterprise software through the sales team pitcher, chief information officer and purchasing manager to sell the company. Along with the formation of the consumption trend of science and technology, the product is now entering a company in the paradigm shift, from the bottom instead of from top to bottom. But even won the support of hundreds of employees, but in the same group if not win the support of the company, so it is hard to be a winner. This pattern began by taking advantage of the popularity of open dialogue between staff, but it takes a good software to consolidate and expand the end, it also includes is advantageous to the enterprise features, such as the use of visibility, controllability of execution and multi-user pricing selectivity and so on.

a lot through information technology to buy complete set of software is loaded a lot of tools and features that can be achieved quite a lot of functions to meet the functional requirements of different types of users. These products are too much design tools, complex and difficult to use. When they move to try to keep up with the changing trend on the cloud, and not change much.

in this context, naturally, these employees tend to use portable applications, these applications built a niche generally acceptable, they only do a thing or two, but do well. The application has a unique ability, they understand the user’s specific needs and in order to meet these needs to find a good solution. Using this will promote the application of these to an organization, which provides more leverage to complete the transaction.

group economic application is the key

when multiple widgets together, they can upset the status quo. This is today’s new collective economy mode. In order to make an application by the enterprise, it needs the help of a set of complementary application.

the current software players might not be used in a separate devote lots of time, no matter how elegant this application, intuitive, and powerful. This is because a cloud application will never replace the function of all of their products.

email marketing plan can’t replace a major customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, but the combination of customer service, loyalty, and the application of social marketing, we suddenly see a complex solution, can sustain itself against the big players. Another example of this kind of mashup might look like: Zendesk to support, KissMetrics to analysis and Hootsuite to social marketing.

open API and single sign-on integration applications from multiple vendors for sharing allows customers to provide seamless experience. For example, a focus on the wealth of the 64% of the fortune 500 companies already in Google Apps.


good and get victory

although the prospect of enterprise software slow change in the past 15 years, we should expect a big shift. The new software will disperse and connection at the same time, the prospect of increased cooperation with many small suppliers.

it is time for emerging applications combined to provide enterprises with the free use of the best tools to achieve their goals, instead of being locked in a vendor, although it is a jack of all trades, but also not good.

Source: VB

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