Ant gold suit, you bank your family know

hunting cloud network October 29 (text editor/water/Morse good Yan)

which is the so-called mining technology is strong, bullying, President of love. Jack ma, the ugly will struggle of man, with countless behind “doctrines LaoNianMen” finally in changfeng fly into an old friend of our great motherland – the United States listed there.

led by the man who like aliens alibaba male correct spirited IPO in 27 days, pulled out the sky by their ears yet out best knife method, ant financial services group (hereinafter referred to as: the ant gold).

you know ant gold suit has had the most ever Banks didn’t have the right to do things (at home), the ant gold suit is one of the mostly a bank, so to speak.

but in fact, it is by our daily contact alipay evolution, and in the years of the preparation process is referred to as “small financial services group.

bank this thing is very sensitive, ali finally took him to the

I believe we all know, there is only one central bank in a country, it runs the country’s finance, the state’s financial policy, the issue that we so desperately yuan, adjust interest rates, unification of markets and financial regulation.

don’t look at these businesses, bank and other state-owned Banks with deep pockets, are under the control of the central bank, however, is the financial sector worthies, talk to say, be born to hit pit, looking on countries, who dare not from mo. Especially in the domestic financial market regulatory restrictions too strict, although the two countries have been tempted to open, but the pace is very cautious.

a few days ago, however, a nickname ants from the control of the dominating the President’s financial services group, like a bolt from the blue. Ali was also recognition from the central bank of the celestial ruler, sun wukong the words they don’t have the luck, still have to make a noise. Ants can get approval, and ali for financial markets cultivated for a long time cooperation, to actively cooperate with the government policy to leave the relationship.

ant gold suit is domestic first came out from the free competition in the market, closely linked with the public financial services, from its base pay treasure to our influence is evident.

with the booming of Internet finance, electronic commerce is domineering sliding sideways involuntary discharge of urine. The Internet age, big data, alibaba as the leader of e-commerce in the Internet occupant huge territory, and territory are expanding, within the territory of the various data were ants financial knowledge. This is the biggest advantage of ant financial . Precision of the bank on the net the most efficient will bring different changes for the financial sector, improve social efficiency, catfish effect of the market is difficult to measure .

now in the age of thinking of the Internet, a lot of new things on the Internet, wisdom source Wells here, believe that Internet financial will launch a lot of fresh, more conducive to our ordinary prick silk project of daily life, and the state-owned Banks is seldom or couldn’t taste the sweet, want to stop this kind of momentum, the only national force.

based on small micro international financial market, reduce the risk of policy

ant wider coverage of financial and it includes alipay purse, balance, lucky treasure, give him the bank, and finally, of course, this is still in preparation and approval, then there is the ant small loans and other products and business. From the name, not only from the projects it contains can be seen, the ant financial general development. Service small micro enterprises, financial institutions, as well as to enter the international market.

from ant the name from the name shown on the product features and ambitions, propaganda and direction can also see that the ant gold business priorities. Recently, the ant gold suit also revealed he sinking towns, rural areas and in the world to develop the strategic goal of . As head of the ant gold service, Peng Lei in May this year the internal meeting for this year’s important business direction, including the mobile, rural finance and internationalization strategy.

bone rods in the field of finance in the rural, can catch any meat ? In the ant’s strategy in the book, they through an open cloud computing, big data such as strategy for technical help these technical strength is weak, the limited funds such as rural credit cooperatives, village Banks such as rural financial institutions to expand online payment ability , let users the cooperatives can enjoy online payment by mobile phone, transfer, finance, insurance and other financial services. It seems to point in the small make up, if you want to achieve anticipated goal, difficult.

at the same time, the ant financial in the international market also . Official data is given, alipay has claimed its overseas users all over the United States, Spain, Russia, Singapore and so on more than 30 countries and regions, the scale of 17.85 million. Signing overseas more than 2000 merchants support pay treasure payment, covering 14 major currency, its current overseas shopping rebate business also cover more than a dozen countries, including South Korea and Europe.

think overseas online shopping market abroad, ali’s 17.85 million data should be not false.

business types, the focus of the ants in micro, small and medium enterprises financial and personal consumption credit business. in the Internet ecosystem development to today’s business society, micro, small and medium enterprises have many financial institutions in the financial, ants, small loans as a powerhouse of them have run going natural is a cinch. Especially characteristics under the conditions and the personal consumption credit though a vast market failed to small.

because of the lack of means trival, risk prevention measures and problem such as low efficiency, financial enterprise is timid, is really a bit afraid, are treading on thin ice. Ali and perfect database, efficient operation of the new technology, is incomparable by any other system in financial enterprises. This data service economy new business model, and its running efficiency and based on the safety of the large data would be a huge subversion.

ant gold clothing technology resources advantage is very strong, is the product of new technology, new ecological model to upgrade the layer order of magnitude can be recognized? But whether pull gong ants can really break through the traditional financial order? I am waiting.

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