Another nail door 020 platform, “doodle nail” announced for tens of millions of dollars A round of funding

hunting cloud network (note: the fire of 020 to the nail industry, capital is the spell. Beavers finish B round 30 million renminbi, beautiful and complete the jiang venture and AnZhuoXin venture capital RMB 8 million angels, beautiful armor also received nearly $10 m in this month announced A wheel. Ahem, nail war will begin?

October 31, the door nail O2O platform “doodle nail” also announced that obtained from sequoia capital and capital source of tens of millions of dollars investment.

doodle is nail a nail O2O platform, the user simply by WeChat or App, can use the high price than the price, get a professional manicurist door-to-door service. The company first, into the market from the Shanghai already start multiple expansion of the city. In addition to Beijing, Shanghai, the subsequent will cover more first-tier cities as soon as possible.

As long as a

nail salon workers carry a small bag, can provide services anytime and anywhere, and this is the mobile Internet into one of the best output way to “share economy” era. Decentralization trend accelerated.

at the same time, the nail user frequency is high, the unit price is not low, the future as long as have nail art skills of each individual, can get rid of the attachment of offline salon directly for orders. So-called “disintermediated”, through the business model can better understand the doodle, now all the users pay for 100% of all manicurist, doodle nail CEO Wang Biao said that the future will pass more value-added services to users.

Wang Biao revealed that the investment is already in place, investors focused on the company team’s attitude and more Internet way of thinking. “Nail o2o is the most important is the user’s experience, users will always be first, by polishing their own service standards and specifications, in the future to provide users with more high-quality service experience”.

team, according to hunt cloud network understanding, doodle nail team after 90, mostly members mainly from millet, Internet companies such as Microsoft, a hammer. An interesting detail is: dudu nail when early entrepreneurial team, a total of seven boys on the service is a group of “Snow White”, so they give their own company is registered as a dwarf technology.

in addition, doodle nail introduced including chief manicurist “Shanghai”, a renowned training team. Through continuous design and perfect manicure SKU, to provide users with more and better choices.

this team work low-key but strong executive at the same time, by introducing user participation, product rapid iteration and continuously improve products and services. According to the investors, doodle nail from micro letter public account order platform, to product design, and online, it only took two weeks.

for financing plan, after Wang Biao said that financing is to strengthen the building of standardized service ability, for more users to provide quality services. At the same time, build a better platform mechanism, in the good service users at the same time, fully respect each platform manicurist, is the target to constantly improve the doodle manicures.

doodle nail

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