Another mission: millet vice President Hugo Barra get millet silicon valley in the corner

millet has become the world’s third largest smartphone makers, now need a veteran leadership it rushed out of Asia to the world, this is what it is doing. TC, according to news sources reported that the millet hired a famous American music streaming media application company’s first product manager Donovan Sung, to manage its international product development team in Beijing.

millet declined to comment on the news. We contacted the company tried to prove Sung will leave, but so far the company has not confirmed his exit. (update: although the company silence, Sung himself on Facebook has revealed he is about to leave the company.)

if the TC of the message are accurate, so the Sung to move for millet can be a significant progress, but the company is a great loss. Sung as a native American music streaming media service of the company’s first product manager, participated in the experience design and appearance of the company, including finding and recommendations, and contributed to this service on all platforms for free. It also play an important role for the company to exploit overseas market, according to his LinkedIn profile, he in partnership management and the opportunity to develop products with deep background.

distance millet announced before hiring Google Hugo Barra as vice President of the international business just over a year. Chinese-american Sung in every way to satisfy the requirement of millet. In addition to his work experience, in a series of big technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, YouTube, and company, he used to work together in the Google and Barra, can speak English and Chinese languages. According to the sources of TC, Sung to the Barra reports, and given the Barra won’t speak Chinese, often go to travel around the country, millet executive team most people English is not so fluent, Sung will also act as a bridge between them.

the Sung will begin to work from the second week in November, before that he will be moved from New York to Beijing, since January 2012, he was working for the company in New York.

although his LinkedIn information is not updated, but can be seen from the recent twitter, he has started into the atmosphere of millet.

further revealed that the TC, Barra WSJD in in the United States Live during the activity, with some American technology industry successful managers had exposure to different extent. Seems to work at Google experience had a strong connection between them, another colleague Barra in Google Jai Mani also or will join the millet in the near future, as the India market is of vital importance to the company’s product manager. Mani will report directly to the Sung to further enhance the Google style of millet, expand the influence of Barra.

millet the last round of financing in 2013 ended with a $10 billion valuation, but we know that the expansion process of company management that last year it, from mainland China to Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and India, valuations have scrambled to $40 billion by now.

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