Angels Wang Huai: give ali upstart, some advice

author: Wang Huai, from 12 floor, block B

Wang Huai, founding partner is linear capital, Facebook’s second Chinese engineers. After listing in ali, it’s from the article by their listed company employees experience of ali’s friends gave his proposal.

these days by ali’s comrades occasion refresh, let me think of the scenarios listed on Facebook. IPO is a desirable, but the Facebook fault, ali was a great success!


of course, congratulations certainly listen to many, he said not much; About suddenly see such a large balance on the stock account and therefore some experiences and lessons, especially for the original help engineers assets do not have much idea.

the biggest advice is to be calm, be sure to adjust good state of mind, want to habit from code farmers to Malone’s change. In fact, I know you already know of the value of their stock may range, so the number of the total amount of assets is not accidental. But the biggest difference is that paper money began to grow more and more like real money. Before the Numbers more guesswork, at least in a public open now brokerage account to see the amount of real number. You know, after a six-month lockup period, you can use the money, to buy tofu, can drink a bowl of a bowl.

however, stop, calm. Please habits after rich state of mind. I believe that ali’s stock will be relatively stable growth, unapt appear like Facebook that year because of the lack of a plausible business model that challenge the price fluctuation in the rollercoaster ride. Before making any investment or consumption think well, talking to ask for more advice.

well, some Suggestions of a n experienced person.

about Spend the mone

to distinguish the needs & amp; Want

what is needed, what is wanted. Still want to clear. According to my experience over the past two years, it’s not that something must be much much mental burden instead. Not worth it. Of course, is wanted for his hobby before because of economic reasons not to do things that can now, don’t tube I, let go to love. For example, used to buy electronic products also have to think about what, now you can place the order with eyes closed. But remember, don’t have new things to remember to me to help you ease the burden.

to distinguish the for experience or for material

before the young feel want to have this thing, the thing; Have been to this place, to the place; Gradually understand that these are not important, important is experience, is the experience in your heart that kind of chemical reaction; These are waiting for you white-haired lie on the bed to give your children and grandchildren boasting one of the important material – “think that year my grandfather a little bigger than you, a little more handsome than you are, ever… “

Optimize for the experience not the materials.

taxes after you sell each share has a tax problems. Be sure to set aside this part of the money.


in consumable items so much, I feel most no value (for men) is luxury. Most harvest, as is tourism, as is and please people eat tea chat (below).

tourism, popular, from a greasy place alone to others stay greasy place; Tell the story of nothing with their exchange stories that others see nothing. This is a good life. This is the life experience.

please cattle eat tea chat

after I leave for Facebook at the end of 2011 have seen a lot of people in silicon valley and Seattle crazy – of his old workmates, investors, entrepreneurs… Learned a lot. More made many friends back home. As long as it is entrepreneurs or cattle, basically all is my pay (bosses, except must give bosses face let them treat). I also in hangzhou canal opened a particular appeal T coffee (of course, I itself is a coffee control). And people of the chat is my harvest very big experience, one’s own experience is limited after all. Standing on a giant’s shoulders is a way to talk with them more.

Immigrants from

so several options, the United States – don’t choose, ask not what I asked. Canada – ready to relax a few years to do immigration; Australia, New Zealand, politically neutral, geographically isolated, for fear of world war ii have priority; Hong Kong – tax law is good, also suitable for people, is the place is too crowded, at the same time, China was, you know; Singapore – place small, tax law it is as well, just because of the geopolitical and economic reasons he estimates will cooperate with China and the United States to do many things, for tech upstart no challenge, but compulsory military service for students with children to think about it.

Don’t borrow money

don’t lend money to others at any time. If you borrow, ready to close not to come back; Otherwise than as investing to others. There is a saying good, good friend don’t lend money, you will not only lose money, also will lose a good friend. Of course, for the company’s convertible bond investment is another matter.

can’t think of a very important point is to borrow money – hold don’t explicitly tell others your total assets. Unless the business needs. You can always use the latest squeezes in response to this very appropriate reasons. To be honest, I often squeezes, which * * * * will put so much cash can use at any time.

about turns your money

Diversify – need to spread your assets

put all your eggs in BABA must not a good idea. Of course, BABA continues to rise is a good thing; But this is just one of a variety of possible results; Asset management, a core idea is to manage your downside; A key is diversification and the manage of the downside. Especially those assets can hedge, at least don’t let your all property of the correlation is too big.

a diversification is to buy a house

I do Real Estate. One of my dream is in the major cities around the world have a scenery of high-rise apartments. But live in, but for rent. But don’t participate in speculative buying. Real estate can be either hedge high-tech this sense of assets, can have the very strong practical use.

find two of private bank (PB)

must be at least two. You ready to can change at any time, and you want to only that part of the assets is relatively stable growth in PB. Basically one of the most famous I contact with several, their used four, two fire, haven’t settle… But many lessons:

1) don’t make the United States private banking

2) Swiss private Banks, the insurance, but very expensive; To participate in not too many Asian project

3) must be of a stock as collateral for up to get a loan; Let you really need to use a lot of money can borrow money quickly

4) you can talk about all of the costs are

5) to the private bank recommended products to look before you leap, a lot is to make your cost

6) the individual private Banks and your butt is very important; His/her heart and influence in the company may decide to can get you want

doing Estate Planning

two things to consider. If your assets to a trust can better protect you. But relatively high cost of trust, complex architecture, it’s best not to consider under $10 m. The other is to buy the life insurance product (best buy) in Hong Kong. Give the family a safeguard, had an accident can also enjoy duty-free.

investment issues

the best investment you’re still you. Ali’s new age generally is not large, there are many years can be hard. Why you the greatest happiness lies in the – hard, how to try very hard to these two problems can finally answer for yourself. You don’t need to face, you can do what you have to care about their happy. Don ‘t waste the god – given fortune.

in addition to investment, can consider to some can make strategic investment layout for you. As a technology, for example, Daniel, you can consider angel investing some experience can help you get start-ups. You can also participate in some concept of early fund, up a lot recently. (disclaimer: linear finished raise $50 m round, need not consider our 1-2 years; P ali, one of the founders and the investors in the us) if you are something of a fan, also can participate in this kind of investment, but must control – driven at this time because of your investment is investment interests and non-professional – such as my cafe.

for investment, my best advice is: you only lose money, as money over all gone; This kind of high risk investment not more than 20% of all your assets.

wealth management mutual club

Facebook early staff Club, there is a self-described “Nouveau Riche 250”, which means before the Nouveau Riche are 2 250 – this group of people. Everyone endless often unintentionally without lung to discuss how to deal with the various problems in wealth management – a common background mutual trust, let every one in the face of the new wealth problem by sharing the experiences and lessons to share to reduce the learning cost. The group discussed in Mexico finance temple rebuilt problem… It is strongly recommended that students are there in ali.

in the end, spend more time to do some reading, think about what to do next.

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