Android powder laugh at fruit are: we have used two years ago the iPhone 6!

there’s a picture on Twitter recently, as shown in picture Android users in the use of the iPhone 6 two years ago. Is this true?

today’s apple any publishing events almost always provoke even than Justin bieber concert took off his clothes also remarkable public hot spots.

apple followers have interest quite fascinated by exploring new features of the new design. And critics all over the sky like public opinion can block is a medium-sized city exhaust.

so when the iPhone 6 after the release, a contrast figure began circulated on the Internet, the provider is Ars Technica RON dior. Image mainly expounds that in two years ago Android users are using is called the Google Nexus 4 iPhone6. All in all, these are in the appearance of the irony of the iPhone 6 and for Android has functions of “imitation”.

as shown, they also have a 4.7 -inch screen, NFC chip pay, time notice, plug-in, spelling Suggestions, communicate across application, photo cloud storage, battery status information, and other functions, and also supports third-party input method. Not only that, Nexus4 has higher than the 750 p iPhone6 750 p screen resolution, what is more startling is that the figure also joked that the iPhone will support 2016 Nexus4 other all sorts of functions, suggest the iPhone users can seek advice when needed to use the help Nexus4 around users, who is in distress situation.

this calculating do not calculate Nexus4 counterattack success? It seems not so, can only say that Google is not so good at marketing.

in addition, the Nexus of 4 also has not been popular view to look like the iPhone 6. After the reason for this is that no matter how, the increasing of apple users mainly because they have simple and easy to use, at the same time, beautifully designed products still enjoy only the apple can provide professional in-store services. So no matter how apple, seem to have the solid user groups.

this for iPhone competitors and those who think the iPhone engineering level is inferior, is necessarily a painful truth.

watch carefully and clearly, the contents of the pictures seemed to be chose to described the details of the Nexus. The mocker inadvertently omitted the iPhone 6 the essence of several features, such as the perfect camera and processor, expected including fingerprint scanners, of course, there is no doubt that he can turn your iPhone into unique in the world, and complete secrecy mobile phone.

apple’s spirit, I believe a lot of fruit are the least. Apple seldom suddenly become the first owner of the all new features, but it is more hard thinking and study the demand of the market. It says more important details, need more deeply. At the same time, it is relatively rich can buy a product and insists on the spirit of the buyers to provide more perfect service, not just in order to become a unique product. That’s why today, stick to support apple still so many people, because apple pursuit of press close to life, the pursuit of the details.

apple’s supporters are very tolerant, because they always believe that apple can actually add more comfortable and colorful things into their lives, of course, also includes a some expansion of self-worth.

as a result, even if the Nexus 4 beyond any product at the time, so what? What seems to be no.


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