Android 5.0 named war: those who fall in front of the “lollipop” candidate name

technology was important enough to upset the world, believe it or not it can instantly make most Stoic kremlinology crazy? Google has hinted that Android L real name while tirelessly to make fun of us, and any clues are not not dissected. Now, a few months later, all the sweet truth are take in everything in a glance, Android was officially named “lollipop” L.

on the way to the lollipop, many great names on the floor of the candy factory folded. Lollipops is just for the sake of comfort many losers, so many Android L should have tsundere win. The “L” in the Android, then, L used to have many candidates? Let’s take a look at.

lemon hard candy abandoned is expected, as candy it out to almost forgotten, and Google already wanted to eliminate any contact with tasty martini.

lava soft cake was a success, who would have thought just in the prototype stage, can the name war?

everyone knows that Google since more than a prophet, it seems the Logo is a lost, just in order not to annoy Dai Xi cap of the paranoia.

licorice seems to be a good idea, but it seems the Android ambitious, broadening its cracked earth forever, don’t Google wanted to hold out until the T version, surely deserve to go up at that time the snack of asb (Twizzler) licorice candy is just right.

what do you think this is purely a joke? Can not say. This is a “serious” about health! The problem lies in how to make customers believe they are organic and non-gmo? Worry about the dead……

Think about it, if it is the girls

means of fine fine jade, ten years, do you want to have been so surprised? This is a powerful competitors! But Google carry presbyopia, finally with a more neutral lollipops.

friendship remind: this is the preview of the pure. However, sesame oil, soybean sauce was difficult to find the truth.

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