Andrew y yan: entrepreneurship to only a few, most of the money will be lost mother and father

cloud network hunting note: in 2015, netease, an economist at the annual meeting, softbank Asia investment fund chief partner, softbank information based investment fund President Andrew y yan believed that entrepreneurship is not for everyone. He pointed out that entrepreneurship is only suitable for a small number of people, who don’t are entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial first thing decades will your mother and father saved money ruined, few people could return, most people are destroyed, so business is good, but everyone must consider before doing.

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softbank investment fund chief Asia President, partner, softbank Asia based investment fund information: Andrew y yan

thank you for your attention, to the end of the year, there is a big thing for us, the meeting much more special, in fact we also specially to increase innovation, reform, and hope the meeting will most of them are the same in China, first of all, the speech of a leader again according to the down position and are basically repeat, wheels to talk back and forth, so our basic until the end of the year is very headache attends the meeting or not.

to be honest, netease, I have never attended in the past for this today for the first time, the main reason, it is not positive, because this is our interaction, and entrepreneurs at least says, before I come so interaction with entrepreneurs, we do this line, is very interested in, so I have also prepared a PPT, but may I work not well, did not put the things sent in advance, the results did not think of it cannot be projected on the screen, we make high-tech, has always been something special Low technology barrier, so today I’m very sorry, you see, I can see.

I’d like to tell you today is about entrepreneurship and failure, my topic is called “entrepreneurship and success”, but in fact I more is to want to speak about entrepreneurship and failure, a few years ago is the tide of VC and PE, it should be said that 2014 is the entrepreneurial community, now from the prime minister to the township and village enterprises, to the ordinary people, are talking about business, the young people to talk more, but there are a lot of things in the business, I’d like to share with you just now, the young man said, I will have my 20th year of investment, it is wrong, is I have already finished my 20th year of venture investment, to enter the 21 years.

I would like to first say that the success of this enterprise is needed on many things, for a long time to make a correct judgment in a row, but the failure of an enterprise? We only on one thing to make decision-making errors will cause the failure of the whole thing. I want to know when people learned in elementary school mathematics, as to prove the existence of a theorem, we have to end all of the possible, but when you have to prove a theorem does not exist, just find it a place does not exist. Mathematical theorems and entrepreneurial success very linked, so from the historical and statistical sense, corporate success is a small probability event, reasons for the failure of millions, but have some common characteristics of successful companies, I’m in this business for a long time, some benefits, the benefit is successful, also failed, when looking back at the young business, you will come to the conclusion that some good things for all to share.

a beginner can be converted to a successful entrepreneur, in other words, an entrepreneur can succeed in the enterprise is some, such as jack ma, ma, for example, they are all in this way, but the successful probability is very small, now everybody is encouraging young people to business, in fact, I want to say is, entrepreneurship is the crowd is only suitable for a small number of people live, don’t anyone entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial first thing decades will your mother and father down to destroy the money, few people could return, most people are destroyed, so business is good, but everyone must consider, before doing this is not for everyone.

like women, entrepreneurial success is less, we found that female entrepreneurship has a very interesting phenomenon, women entrepreneurs success probability is small, in the case of the failure, women are more, the results we found a very interesting phenomenon is that women in case of difficulties or crisis, often her sensitive things, emotional things beyond her rational thinking, often leads to failure, I’m not saying that all women, of course, I’m very respect for women and like it very much, because I only have one daughter, but I did tell daughter, you don’t do anything that has to do with money, so my daughter to make a film, when the film director, I feel quite good, you don’t think money, powerful and unconstrained style everyday, entertain foolish ideas.

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