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is a beautiful thing to make friends, love is a sweet thing. But with the development of mobile Internet, gender social looks very beautiful, but let the user feel tired: acquaintance circle tired love, stranger circle under the lower limit of wireless, turned off, a lot of people who really want to love.

today hunting cloud network to introduce the social software “and” it is between friends and acquaintances dating strangers a product. And can combine the two social acquaintance with strangers, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses. Both let users can quickly make new friends, like a stranger social and social structure to ensure that the user’s real through acquaintances, allows users to walk from online to offline.

and again win to jun excitation technology (Beijing) co., LTD’s products. Again and the founder of Duan Reyang employed in SNS and mobile Internet industry ten years, successively in sega, AOL, and the first domestic SNS website Yeeyoo occupies an important position, in 2005 launched a wireless Internet company success. And was launched in August this year, until now has almost 130000 registered users. In October 2014 millions RMB angel financing.

and again set two identities: single and not a single, and according to the different identity provides a completely different functions and authority, found that the user’s way is not the same. And again based on the user’s address book can automatically discover the single heterosexual contacts three times, at the same time, through friends, private matchmaker, integrity recommended and allow the user to expand the scope of dating, quickly locked their loved ones. Duan Reyang tell hunting cloud network, and is making the beginner’s mind is a true love environment as the goal, through SNS solve Internet dating market integrity problem, make dating all start begins with trust. And again for every single user set the integral integrity, good faith points came mainly from the recognition of the friends, grading and evaluation, the higher the score represents the more credible, the higher the sincerity, the more opportunities.

and has a feature called ask again, if you want a sister or a handsome boy, can be initiated to his friend ask for it. You can know the relationship between you and him is by which connected to friends, so that when meet someone feel good, you can learn, through further inquire among friends can know friends of his evaluation, or a meeting invitation, or ask a friend to help you.

in order to avoid the embarrassment of rejection after unilateral express goodwill, and particularly to develop the function of “heart” again. To hunt Duan Reyang cloud network, according to the background, the limitation on the number of cardiac expressed purpose is to express affection want don’t become too casual. Express goodwill is not immediately told, but a “unrequited love” mode, only when two people attracted to each other, will inform both sides. Thus effectively avoid the dating mode after unilateral express goodwill from embarrassment.

about how to solve the problem of current mobile social good faith, to hunt Duan Reyang cloud network, according to a stranger friends and acquaintances are not incompatible. “Pure stranger social structure, the user’s behavior is difficult to be constrained, whether it’s real name or other ways, but it is an acquaintance of the social structure, though you see a stranger, but in his inner circle confirmed that he is honest.”

it is worth mentioning that “again and also launched a” crowdsourcing matchmaker + social O2O service. “And” private matchmaker service simply part-time love is more like the user’s agent, will recommend to you according to your information may be the appropriate objects. Social O2O service is currently working with offline bars and other places, at present mainly dating offline and online interaction, in the near future will do a quick date on product’s entrance.

and again

company: win to jun excitation technology (Beijing) co., LTD.


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