An overhead little Wang Guanjie: try so hard to earn money you’ll miss the forest

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“if according to normal subsidy policy, we can burn money to” before and after the next spring. Slightly cold subsidy and COO Wang Guanjie convective cloud network said: “although the industry has been speaking, we the money subsidies mode is madness. But in our opinion, only stimulate consumers, users have an incentive to develop on the phone to complete the choice of the car after market service habits “. After hunting cloud network to maintain a little done reports, and are interested in.

overhead dot is a startup, hangzhou team a total of seven co-founder. Members of tencent + ali, seven people added up to more than nine times of entrepreneurial failure. Team said jokingly narrow escape, maintain a little is their 10th start-ups. A car wash cut with a yuan auto after market service products. Now covers the city of hangzhou, guangzhou, shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, and opens up a new city of nanjing recently.

although the industry into the eyes of the media, but has various burning money war still should have a period of time. Wang Guanjie tell hunting cloud network, “in fact is really a big market, the industry entrepreneurs see business opportunities in this industry, everybody comes in. Thinking of this market also take a taxi to field software costly wars have to wait for a period of time, we won’t start. But maintain a little recently launched car wash red envelope function, a taxi is very similar to the software of friends a red envelope, all-round marketing, a red envelope is a better way.

was little aggressive marketing strategy, and most people say that maintain a Wang Guanjie gave us an explanation. In hangzhou, for example, a subsidy for car owner is 14 yuan, owners generally is about one week to wash a car, split annual general subsidies is about 700 yuan, 700 yuan to stick a customer really high price, but in the process of trust value is what we value most, auto after market service is our core, washing the car is our weapon, gathered up users, on-demand distributed again. Grafting car maintenance, the back-end services such as brand advertising, are they would not rule out making cost-effective packaging services sold to owners of cars. So the follow-up service has a lot of, use a killer washing training user trust value is our core competitiveness.

we don’t try so hard to earn money, this is when Wang Guanjie and introduce cloud network overhead every bits of bit of hunting has been improved. After Wang Guanjie for his entrepreneurial experience of stencil now also very impressive. At that time is too want to earn money, so missed the forest. Ali work experience, combined with the Internet into business for themselves over the years he learned that one of the most core of truth. If think oneself project in the future, don’t think about money early. Good services, limit it. Let your product irreplaceable, competitors copy. Can earn money back, when seeds when you want to gather the food, then you will miss a chance of it become a towering trees. We are also in this point of view, and now the agreement of investors. Maintain A little recently received $4 million in A round of investment, are preparing for the next round of investment, cultivating market need money, if true and peer opens the subsidy wars, we prepare hay.

in addition to the car wash, Wang Guanjie told hunting cloud network: “now businesses an average of ten little cooperation and maintain a car wash orders will bring a car maintenance services. Now businesses and its cooperation mode is very simple, as long as the merchants shop, equipment professional complete can and maintain a little cooperation “. At this stage they will not be too demanding businesses and its exclusive cooperation agreement. Frankly speaking, it is its own brand strength is not enough, the second is the hope and businessmen is a process of mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, hope to get the results, the result is to clinch a deal the order quantity. Now they don’t let money precipitation on its platform, merchants can show the next day to their accounts. Service Wang Guanjie speaking, it is doing, it is not necessary to use deposits money.

in fact, at present the sporty car after market cake entrepreneurs have not in the minority. Treasure subsidy, bi ma3 wen, maintain a car, car, car ants, home of car, etc. Are all competitors of this market. Wang Guanjie said: “after the car market is very big, the cake also enough, so each will have the opportunity to do their service. After someone also derided maintain a little from the car wash, get investment, investors have suggested that they don’t do that promised to give money. But we all think that the 7, co-founder of the start mode is feasible, so until now. Maybe we this pattern will fail, but whether it is a pioneer of martyrs, the model we’ll always go on. Now is no time to think these, team new office have been decorated, work move and other city next month to push the work is in place.” The team also accelerating hiring, can also be of interest.


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