An interview with the e generation driving CEO: financing of $25 million Increased investment in talent

hunting cloud network October 17 message

the country’s largest mobile Internet driving service platform e generation driving officially announce a new round of $25 million in financing, investment valuation after more than 250 million dollars. E generation driving CEO jia-jun Yang hunting cloud network interview said that the future will increase investment in talent, continue to optimize the user experience.

it is understood that this round of financing 58 city in jinling, 20 million on a round of venture capital and investors matrix partners, the speed of light.

according to the investment agreement, e remember driving to 58 city issue 7.8% of the common stock. After the deal, 58 city does not have any board seats in e drive, but can be assigned to an observer. E generation driving valuation of more than $250 million in the deal, e generation of driving an angel round investor matrix partners, A round of investors at the speed of light was also involved in the capital increase of e generation of driving. The e drive and 58 generation driving business merger, 58 city commitment is no longer in the generation of driving business.

e generation driving CEO jia-jun Yang said in an interview with cloud network hunting, this round of financing will increase investment in talent and technology, constantly optimize the user experience. Jia-jun Yang convective cloud network, said the mobile Internet era, the user experience is one of the first, “will increase investment in talent and technology, we will continue to improve the products and services, enhance the systemic user experience.”

e generation driving is one of the first company to enter the generation of driving field, with good user experience, including the driver recruitment system to the standardization of service system, a tube to the traffic accident insurance system, e generation drive continued innovation, quickly from the fight in the industry.

[hint: director of e generation driving Liu Tianran (Sunday) will be held on October 19th at hunting cloud network public class under a product family, sharing from e generation drive product design and user experience of dry goods, watch details 】

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