An angel investors for years feeling confessions: what is the entrepreneurial spirit

recently with a madman once social field, the Internet super senior players, angel investors to chat, the National People’s Congress love sex. He has recently made a feat, half a month time to throw out the money out. From each time he deeply see the scrutiny of the potential of the Internet, he told the dozens of entrepreneurs in China since the period of time of comprehension, although may select specimens isn’t much, but hope to be able to give you some inspiration. He’s the most striking statement: China’s Internet business, do anything to succeed.

China’s Internet business, do anything to succeed. – stick to difficult

maybe a lot of people here think this is a success, or is a chicken soup. I’m sorry to tell you, is not, after he finish the sentence. Make the more accurate explanation for all this. “Mainly depends on the team’s belief that a group of people to have a common faith, to adhere to, rather than let others easily, poached, leave.”

I believe you all heard in many Internet bosses interview, stick to it. This two word does seem very plain, for the entrepreneurs to look, as if it is very easy to do. Relative to their thought: capital, talent, environment is more simple. But as a several startups eyewitness of the author, insist, is really very difficult. The degree of difficulty is no doubt about it first.

if to adhere to the concept is not directly known to you, give you an example: directly in a big company stability, BAT. This type of, if one day you say with you, the leadership of Chen, companies have difficulty in this month, you will not get salary this month. Will you promise? Believe that anyone who worked in a big company will not promise, what is more, the company pay wages per month 10, for two or three days late, is going to play some kind of financial situation. This is the spirit of working, and how much money, do how many thing, and can only joy, not bitter.

the startup is very simple and crude, startup CEO (the whole company is 10) tell you, xiao Chen, less this month, top of a roof, next month, the issue is not together. Xiao Chen, “ok, I understand.” Line I know, is the most direct interpretation, this stick to the leadership of the startup and staff to form a strong community of interests, rather than each bosom infidelity, in order to achieve this to be beautiful, don’t take salary a month, two months, three months, half a year. In order to a no listed, no profit is equal to the equity of a dead letter, this is the spirit of the entrepreneur, the insist, is “China’s Internet business, do what all can succeed” spirit, based on the above, was full of hardships, pain, hard to describe.

“the so-called blue ocean market, simply does not exist, more do not specifically market.” – do giant disdain. In China’s Internet, there is no blue ocean, in the case, we see the number of the layout of the big companies are numerous. But you can’t see in our case, the big company project there may be dozens, even hundreds. Inside covers on the market, so far as to say that almost all projects within the big companies have a prototype, if the field can only achieve their internal approval, can become the strategic point, this is very difficult.

more entrepreneurs with big companies do not specifically market, big companies can do, also want to do, but not invest big energy, even on the market. The most striking example, 58 city, thousands of people to push team to contact every day, thousands of small businesses, the physical strength live, may for a large company is not very important. Furthermore, several dating companies, baihe, cherish nets, jiayuan, just need to dating, big companies are not I don’t know, but in the business of input-output ratio cannot achieve a strong growth, the market is not big enough to put may need to quickly reduce the cost, after this, big companies also can’t do.

do not specifically market there are many, many, this is also and the sentence above, what can a successful photograph echo, many “would-be entrepreneurs” always imagine jobs, come up with an idea can be enough to change the world, in the process of entrepreneurship, even spent a lot of money, time above the idea of the exploring the invulnerable, but he still didn’t make this move. When one day he really thought of the idea in their minds, already late for a big step. Entrepreneurs need more fall to the ground, rather than fantasy. Each prospective entrepreneurs, don’t want to what blue ocean market, sink down and do it first.

successful entrepreneurs, is not one pace reachs the designated position, but the continuous trial and error in the entrepreneurial process, practice.

China has too many would-be entrepreneurs

now, in the tide of China’s Internet business is more of a “entrepreneurs” instead of entrepreneurs. “Entrepreneurs” is characterized by, fear of failure; The ideal plump; Knowledge is not unity; Hearsay. Every day, a new idea; Have a good job; No spirit of adventure. If you have one of these features, I’m sorry to tell you, you are not well suited to be a real entrepreneur.

you may never just a “entrepreneurs”, has been thinking about the business as a part-time job, which has not determined to give his life to overturn, transformed itself from a point per day to and from work, and paid work understanding, become a meals, commuting time, revenue expenditure of entrepreneurs. Ask even dare not to overthrow your life, about what subversion to the Internet, the traditional industry, subversion the whole world?

successful entrepreneurs are more, when he was in the mind have a little idea, he has already started to do, whether it’s online travel, car networking, mobile game software outsourcing, or do design outsourcing, or even mobile phone repair. This can become their entrepreneurial one point, rather than shout at his is the second, WeChat second taobao, jingdong second, the second this millet wonky chanting, in his own one step a footprint on the rhythm of original goal as the breakthrough point, constantly in the process of entrepreneurial trial and error – – fix – trial and error – practice – correction. Do a virtuous cycle, and all this in Internet startup home reflect incisively and vividly.

qihoo Zhou Hongyi from yahoo, or want to do a search community, also includes the question-and-answer like now baidu encyclopedia search, but in the process of entrepreneurship to explore, to a killing rogue software plug-ins as a breakthrough point, change the path, free antivirus directly overturned the billions of value of “charge antivirus” market, also became one of the most influential Internet companies outside of BAT.

long bond digital xiang-dong zhang, from 3 g portal (WAP site), the “mobile phone heart” (symbian phone software) to the desktop “GO” (the APP on android), my student period, 3 g portal rocket by the millions of users of online game, but also failed to bring much benefits to long bond digital, until GO desktop, in the trial and error, through the detours, begins with an application from overseas, and finally successful listing.

boya interaction of zhang wei, insist to do the screwing tencent chat room seven years and eventually turned into the arms of board games, stick to seven years, and who can easy to give up, but the team is still there, everyone belief, transform the battlefield again, from facebook back to the first domestic mobile terminal board games, finally realizes the Hong Kong.

said three examples of this is not to tell you that business listing is successful, but a few examples in this trial and error – practice – correction, trial and error, practice, more representative of the path, I want to express, and the angel friend common entrepreneurial success, whether it has never been listed standard. Success, and small, and when a startup when the net income of 2 million per month, in my understanding, they ten several people team, has obtained very moist, feed themselves, and have some extra money, can do some more different innovation, that is a start-up success. Any successful start-up, success in the change, you the same, in the message of the Internet, has a lot of.

epilogue: in my angel of this a few words after reading, believe that many would-be entrepreneurs need to thoroughly think about their own way out, do you really not suitable for business, and even “entrepreneurship” bleeding can not succeed. On the contrary, those who meet the more stringent conditions of entrepreneurs, if now a temporary difficulties, please hold on, you will be the future of the Internet backbone forces.

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