American technology leaders, too, love bicycle: entrepreneurship is like to participate in a mountain game

Max Levchin (Max levin kian) growth in the mid – 1980 – Ukraine, ten years old, his parents were used for a long time to give him the money to buy a child road bike. This at the time of the Ukraine but a rare luxury, but his mother is a fans on their own, to teach him to ride a bicycle. When he and his family live that apartment building, happened to be located in the capital Kiev behind only an outdoor sport. At night, Levchin will sneaked into closed area, along the oval arena a circle on the car, every ride out a circle he silently count in my mind, he soon mastered the steady rhythm. In the night of sport, he can only hear the whir of the chain drives the rear wheel.

nearly thirty years on, Levchin still ride a bike, but not in any circuit, but in the mountains of California. He still followed the rhythm of the stability in the heart silently count, this gave the science and technology talent motivation for work. He became a data-driven rider, weekly record distance reached 200-300 miles, more than he could find the most the height of the steep hill. Although he now ride one of the most advanced carbon fiber road cycling, and his childhood riding that steel bicycle has completely is not a appearance, but his enthusiasm for the bicycle or just grow, instead of worse. Every day, the 39-year-old entrepreneur will ride on the mountain, silent and challenge themselves, even if how many opponents bite tightly behind him, there are more startups is still in its early stages.

in the beauty of the gulf is once again inspired Levchin love of cycling. In the north of the golden gate bridge, along the Pacific coast ride, can see the rolling mountains, winding road, appreciate the vast landscape of Pacific Ocean. Levchin once said, “once you’re riding a few times to 101 national road, no longer able to withstand the temptation to ride.”

I’m afraid there is no qualification and Max Levchin cycling together, when I saw him on the bike again the wind out of my sight, the idea suddenly flashed across my mind. In mid-november on a cold morning, we set off at 7 o ‘clock, the cycling journey soon. In case of the first hill, he has left behind me. Levchin’s second home in mill valley, north of San Francisco, a quiet, green slope, called the Camino Alto. On the ramp is not so difficult, but he flat out 400 watts of power, this is the champion cycling the power of the game, I followed after panting, breathing don’t come over, when I finally come up to the top, he had been standing at the edge of the car with on-board clock, a suitcase.

so now we have been repeating such a pattern: encountered uphill, Levchin flash, I in the back of tooth-and-claw chase, but soon lost sight of his shadow. He wait for me at the top, until I climb up, and then we go downhill. The ground when we kept the same speed, until the next hill, and began to repeat the above the helpless cycle of pain.

maybe during the ride, the most let me of tangled, not to keep pace with Levchin speed – although in fact it’s true – but he dragging behavior without any complain to me. Along the way, he told me that the local roads are well, he knew all about this area, charting. He reminded me of possible wetland, dangerous grille and manhole covers. Whenever he is an only fools ride a bike, I would be very easy to dislike him, but he isn’t. Although is behaved so pets, but there is no denying the fact that he is a real star in silicon valley, let a person want to hate all cannot do it.

to action

two days before the ride, as PayPal and tour development team hand Slide co-founder, Levchin under yahoo CEO marissa mayer’s recommendations to join the yahoo board, promised to meet me in his office downtown San Francisco, where he is busy his latest creation of a company, the company aims to “totally reshape consumer finance”. Open type in the temporary office, Levchin wearing sneakers, a simple T-shirt and jeans, with a piece of dark chocolate and a glass of iced coffee for me. When we sat down to talk, he is the first sentence: “I really enjoy cycling, this is my only exercise.” All this means that he kept a close eye on the bike, from the 2012 classic French one-day classic events such as road cycling race, to the racing game, to the mountain bike travel and tour DE France.

thank god, at this point, I still to be able to feel a little, and he is equal. When it comes to science and technology, I who also not as good as him, but as a journalist, I have been to universal bike world championships, ring, Sanremo contest, California, there are many other world-class cycling, and I am also from more than ten years, and he began to ride a road bike. Over the years, I and Levchin in her spare time to participate in the amateur competitions, but three years ago, he had an accident in the case of 40 miles per hour, cause right hip permanent trauma, it is almost the end of his career game. At about the same time, I also fell from a mountain car, broke his left leg and ankle bones, also caused permanent injury. More tragedy is due to initially misdiagnosed, I was forced to wear protective devices in bed for nearly a year, the legacy of the accident is that both of us have to take his rehabilitation, but in my opinion he tortured people daily health preservation methods, it is terrible.

above, on February 15, 2002, PayPal founder Peter Thiel (Peter thayer) and Max Levchin (Max levin kian) in the day of their initial public offering of stock market has just closed. Levchin said: “I and Peter has crowned – is about to begin.” He has just earned the first bucket of gold.

in the late 1990 s, Levchin moved to the gulf, he was busy with PayPal, did not think of to ride a bike. After busy PayPal he suddenly some does not adapt, “boring” all day long, the weight also. His girlfriend at the time, now Nellie’s wife said to him, “don’t you have a beautiful bike parked in the garage, why don’t you out for a spin ride? It will allow you to get a sense of order.”

but he was careful about for several months, finally decided to ride bicycle again. He said it was his strong point, but now he had to hold twelve very careful to treat the sport, dragging the obese body to ride slowly. He is afraid of reality tells him that he can no longer go flying in the mountains. As far as I know, Levchin doesn’t mind riding slowly, now his way of climbing is similar to his way of doing business, caution is efficient.

Levchin said, in learning Computrainer virtual-reality training station of some of the course, he was addicted to ride again. Compu Trainer will allow you to put the bike on the indoor cycling, and then do the high-intensity intermittent training. Levchin said: “I enjoy riding on it, and then feel, ‘oh, I am still good – easily can be up to 300 watts of power. ‘I think I probably many other than CompuTrainer users are more strong, so I think I still can consider to go back to the highway.”

“every few years, I may be the last time, but I Affirm occupies too much time, before that time I was used for training. But if want to be competitive, to train at least 15 hours a week, so even though I can’t afford the empty, I still insist on 10 to 12 hours per week of training, judicious sometimes to make more training for a while. The main goal is to keep my current in our group is the strongest.” His smile said: “although I sometimes change reference.”

to go to bed hungry rich

in the 20th century, Levchin pursuit the fun of riding, meanwhile he created the Slide, and participated in the founding of Yelp. In 2010, Google bought Slide for $228 million, then the next year, Levchin and come up with a new pattern: racing bike.

he began to lose weight, low when the thin body weight to 153 pounds (70 kilograms), regardless of size or weight was lower than most of the participants. His threshold power (important data forecasting endurance) reached 385-390, so in fact “it is easy to cause actual harm to human body.

Levchin thinner, so much so that one day his wife said to him: “look, and dropped a few pounds, I think I have to consider to find a spare tire, you look at yourself and then there were a few jins of flesh.”

Levchin recalls: “she threatened to take pictures, because she can count from behind clear out my ribs, so I said, ‘ok, give me a year of time, I really want to take part in the game. ‘”

time in order to lose weight, Levchin go to bed hungry every day, but that doesn’t like to ride a bike or note is as simple as eating a healthy diet, he needs to run a company, need to preside over the plenary session, he must eat enough sugar to maintain the daily work. He recalls: “my goal is one year, I will try my best to hand over the best answer, and I desperately hard, very devout.”

now, Levchin dropped to 165 pounds (75 kg), he joked: “if breakfast eat less, I can also be slim.” He computed his current threshold value should be 365, but the actual game could be 5% lower. He said: “it’s like, to the foot of the mountain before will say, ‘hey, here’s a good mountain, let me tell you how to climb. ‘and now dare to say’ ok, I’m going to climb a hack was. ‘”

data is true

Levchin use the meter, power meter, heart rate monitor, rhythm sensors and other equipment, these devices will show real-time altitude, speed, distance, heart rate and rhythm, power and other data. There is also a GPS, able to draw his walking roadmap.

Levchin love of bicycle this two rounds of movement, not only on the bike, he also attaches great importance to data and information. Literally, it is the pursuit of the data of today’s achievements. (as PayPal’s chief technology officer, he completely changed the payment system, and on the anti-fraud technology research has made breakthrough progress.) As long as you go out with him, even if only for a few hours, you will be able to realize, no matter do anything, he is “not processing data will die” star people.

today, Levchin such rider wants to get performance information, almost all is a piece of cake, quantitative intensity of training and physical recovery is much more simple. Many amateur athletes and almost all club will like Levchin, in their handlebars binding power measuring instrument. His favorite accessory power meter using cycling application is Strava. This app by cyclists and other endurance athletes worldwide widely used, it allows you to record the increase of speed, altitude, the amount of calories burned, power output, heart rate, and so on data, you can upload the data to the Internet, for communication. There is a very famous Strava function called KOM, mountain king (king of the mountain). You can give yourself at a particular track, if more than all the people, you’ll become a mountain king track, until the next one to break the record for you.

Strava headquartered in San Francisco, not far away from where Levchin work life. Levchin Strava just 1, 2009 registered this app, and become a paid gold member. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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