Amazon’s latest hardware plaything: wireless speaker Echo can use voice commands to shopping

although there is a $83 million amazon Fire phones inventory, but the company did not afraid of the hardware business. On Thursday, the online retailer, introduced a like Siri voice recognition and answer the questions of wireless speakers.

this called amazon Echo on the surface of a product seems to be used to play music and to provide information, but in fact, it is also an attempt to promote amazon overall sales of electronic products. This is the amazon to the biggest step voice control field.

Echo is a small cylindrical table enclosure, due to the top is equipped with seven microphone, so called can accurately recognize voice commands when playing music. The product can be directly through the amazon service streaming music, you can also use the bluetooth connected with mobile phones and tablets. Before send out voice commands, users need to say “Alexa”, in order to remind the speakers accept instruction.

amazon said, after the Echo awakened can quickly provide weather information, news, etc, can also help users find content on wikipedia. Users can also through voice commands set the alarm clock, music playback control. For amazon, but the most important function of Echo or shopping cart.

due to Echo can facilitate users via voice commands to add to cart, make amazon’s shopping experience, further transformed from “a key shopping” shopping “” key. Amazon has for part of the gold medal in the user provides the Dash shopping facilities, built into the barcode scanners and microphone, can facilitate users to add various kinds of goods to the shopping cart. The user needs to issue instructions to the Dash directly, but the Echo can hear voice commands in any corner of the room.

the Dash provided free of charge to the user, the Echo $199 (gold user offer is us $99), but it can buy by invitation only. Both products are not free to order, but in the near future should be able to realize.

the Forrester Research earlier this year, is expected to voice will become the main way of users interact with the computer in such a short time, especially at home. Forrester analyst James McQuivey (James McQuivey) believe that the future home will install all kinds of microphones are connected to the cloud, and most motivated to improve this kind of “voice” layer of the company is amazon, because the company has enough financial power – amazon’s hear clear user instructions, the easier it is to help the user to place an order.

McQuivey has just comment on the Echo said: “from Google to apple, all of the large digital platform company trying to install the sensor in your home. With the help of the Nest and Dropcam acquisition, Google had a thermostat and cameras, apple unveiled a set of intelligent household HomeKit development tools. But the amazon is the first company to deploy the microphone interface in your home, it is always ready to listen to your instructions. It can also be connected to the Internet and do the speakers, some people may end up buying this product because of this, but only when you begin to ask questions, and let it help you to complete the task (especially when shopping task), it can reflect the real value, this with Apple Apple Watch eager to user interaction in the same way.”

Alexa Innernet is amazon’s 1999 acquisition of a company network traffic data. Alexa’s business, one of which is to offer Internet Archive data, while the latter flaunt’s mission is to “always get all the knowledge”. (book Yu)

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