Amazon pushed the new generation Kindle tablet, is a resistance than the creation!

(/horse relief yi wen)

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, amazon has just released a new generation of the Kindle Fire HD tablets. In addition to the different size, the most prominent feature of the two tablet is “strong, cheap”. It is reported, 6 inch device for a mere $99. This means that the Kidle Fie tablet is much cheaper than the latest Kindle.

the configuration about this series of products we also is very little. It is reported, this product is divided into six inches edition and version 7 village. Built-in quad-core processors, use the gorilla glass, waterproof, prevent mist, can use 8 hours continuously. In addition, a new generation of Kidle Fire HD has colorful shells, users have blue, yellow green, magenta, black, white five kinds of color is optional.

7 inch version costs $139, 6 inch version for $99. Sale has been in the amazon website.

in addition, the amazon also launched a children’s version of the Kindle Fire HD, is more than an adult need to pay $50. But children’s version of the children with one year free membership service.

it is understood that a new generation of amazon Kindle tablet booster family sharing feature, users buy books at a time, video, etc., use reading accounts for up to six relatives and friends.

what’s interesting is that amazon’s official told the device with particular emphasis on its robustness. Users from a metre air falling within the scope of the Kindle Fire HD, can still be unscathed. Below for amazon’s official “anti” experiment.

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