Amazon CEO retirement plan, cloud evening hunting 】 【 jinshan would cast a cloud service $1 billion


amazon CEO has revealed that retirement intention: foreign media inventory potential successors

, 50, Jeff bezos, founder and head amazon electric business empire for 19 years. Bezos has decided to retire in admitted yesterday, and has also set the amazon under a successor. Bezos says, “it will be a perfect plan, and I have been in good heart.” But bezos refused to disclose information, said “it’s a secret.” Famous foreign science and technology media recode lists the most likely four candidates.

Jeff Wilke is undoubtedly the most likely successor, all his working life dedicated to the amazon. Jeff Blackburn and is a board member of bezos think-tank, now in charge of business development department, responsible for major business mergers, acquisitions, product development, operations, etc. Andy Jassy current global senior vice President, amazon is amazon’s cloud global chief executive, he set up a reliable and efficient amazon cloud system, advocating the concept of open sharing. David Limp has worked for the company and Palm, as Amazon’s hardware business leaders now, equipment department, senior vice President, primarily responsible for the Kindle, Fire Phone, media player, the Fire TV and Amazon Echo in voice control system hardware business.

bosses up, also cannot run away from this time kill pig knife. Wish bezos healthy to spend their twilight years after retirement, otherwise, hard lifetime is not cost-effective. The hunters cloud network friendship remind fellow entrepreneurs to pay attention to rest, pay attention to health. The body is good, the business more drive, tiger!

clouds said your information leakage, zhaopin said “male and female servants cannot”

cloud network vulnerability feedback platform on its website this morning exposes zhaopin resume information leaks loopholes. Cloud network, zhaopin information leaks into the internal mailbox, resume information containing zhaopin 860000 users, even contain the user name, address, id card, registered permanent residence, etc. Various kinds of sensitive information. Hackers can get these private information through the holes. Submit the vulnerability on December 2, hazard rating is high, the dark clouds network said hole processing details has informed the manufacturer to have them and wait for the manufacturer.

then zhaopin announcement said, after technical department strict screening, dark clouds suspected leak information submitted is pointing to an IP address, not zhaopin; And the clouds website suspected leak information in the picture, with zhaopin fields resume, not from zhaopin, actually. At the same time, zhaopin, said always attaches great importance to the security of network information, and will continue to conduct more network security, to ensure that customer information security. At the same time, also realized that in the face of the rapid development of network information technology, network security needs through continuous upgrade overweight, can properly deal with all kinds of loopholes and hidden dangers.

information have so terrible? Not to say that to handle any matter all to his own identity card and the various materials to do? My IQ is limited, can’t think of anything can do bad things.

not afraid of falling apple iPhone7 and iPhone6s

according to the U.S. Patent Office released the latest apple’s patent shows that the company is developing a avoid mobile phone fell to the ground broken solution, and the method is through the mobile phone in the air can be automatically changed its stance anti-throw parts touchdown. When the equipment is in a state of free fall to the ground, the system will through the accelerometer and magnetometer sensor data collection and rapid calculation, by mobile phone air motor with eccentric quality adjusting posture, avoid brittle and important components directly collided with the ground. In fact, in the mobile phone has a vibration motor to prompt message, reported that if the motor is more strong can achieve the above purpose, and nothing but the reintroduction to achieve another set of motors.

search karma, hunting cloud network realized that the vibration of the mobile phone the functions and the hidden benefits. It’s a pity that I have no spare kidney for, apple jun, please let go…

UC cooperate with guo degang push flag mobile game handle

UC nine aspects confirmed, ucweb CEO met with guo degang has previously used and discussed, it is a mobile game called flag handle, the handle will be in the market very soon. And guo degang crosstalk “the famous actress”, has the Devon community brands such as IP resources, after the cooperation with UC nine swimming game controllers, or will be in the field of mobile games XinYou development power.

it is reported that nine UC swim against flag game handle round of tests were carried out, little flags website has launched exposure. According to the website description, flag game controllers have a number of exclusive function, such as is the world’s first game controller support touch mode, can support all touch game; 2400 ma battery life, it is before the game handle range of five times the market; To support a fully functional keys, root, free support both wired/wireless, etc. However, the flag handle only fit the android platform, the test is only in the nine and the official BBS, the biggest concern pricing information has not been disclosed.

miss guo play crossover, is it see yu quan and VOW before smart headphones cooperation, a crush? Anyway, advertising spokesperson saved at least, that can be more savings from endorsements. Miss guo an openings, someone put the silver and jolly.

cheap millet next year will push 9.2 inch plate: about RMB 600

according to foreign media Phonearena quoted south Korean media reports, millet will be launched next year a 9.2 inch tablet, for about $100, or about 615 yuan a month. The tablet will carry qualcomm Xiao dragon 410 processor, 1.2 GHz quad-core, Adreno 306 graphics chips, built-in 1 gb memory storage and 8 gb of the fuselage. And the screen will be the lower 720 p resolution, plus 9.2 inches of big screen size, so the screen display effect is not too satisfactory, around 159 ppi pixel density.

in the year to September, millet tablet shipments at 550000 m, with the previous lei jun says reach 2.5 million m far from the end of the year. But on Monday, millet officials also announced the low with millet flat from 1499 yuan to 1299 yuan, the price of 200 yuan. Even so, the price of millet tablet also not really with the mini gap away, as have to be more perfect than the device to the ecological environment, the lack of android millet tablet on the software is still can not be ignored. In millet and the news will be a new product pricing under direct sank to 600 yuan range, with the leading up to the price range, the main performance, might be getting a new lease of a rebirth.

looks like millet tablets down with the price, and benefits to all employees with a do, is this why? Next year, 600 yuan of tablet and to raise its price is more than one class, go against it. To this, apple can endure, other tablet can’t endure, I tell you what hatred hatred, revenge what hatred, what all want to make a price war.

Misfit to raise $40 million m: millet jingdong and cast

wearable equipment manufacturers and health and fitness platform providers Misfit just completed by GGV Capital led C $40 million round of funding, millet, jingdong mall, suitable for Fund, and both shareholders and are involved in with, including Horizons Ventures, Khosla Ventures, raised Fund and the Northwest Venture Partners. The new investment will be millet and jingdong mall is introduced as a strategic investor, suggests that wearable Misfit is committed to expanding China market. Misfit, CEO and founder Sonny wu (Sonny Vu), said the company currently has a third of the business from China.

sonny, wu said the Misfit is not lack of money. Thanks to hardware sales, Misift has been balanced. This round of financing the key does not lie in raising money, but in important cooperation relationship. “Working with millet and jingdong mall can expand our reach in China, also can accelerate product development.” Sonny said, “we only have 40 people in San Francisco, so every year can only do so many things, and millet that know how to do to large, rapid production of the company’s establishment cooperation, it is very important for us. What’s more, we are not only value themselves, but also value their investment company.”

millet in the alibaba? Do you have ali cloud, I make kingsoft cloud group. You invest in a foreign company, I also, yo and wearable devices field. To this, hunting cloud network don’t publish any opinion.

golden hill software will invest $1 billion to the cloud service

kingsoft CEO hong-jiang zhang this afternoon a small press conference in Beijing, said kingsoft 3-5 years in the future will be to the cloud business invest more than $1 billion. Millet and kingsoft stake in the Internet, is an important part of the strength of cloud services business. According to the tripartite agreement, kingsoft will be in 3 years at least rent century interconnection 5000 cabinets, to provide cloud services.

kingsoft cloud service two years ago, mainly with cloud storage services. This year, the kingsoft cloud group involved in the game of cloud services, provide more than 200 game makers with game cloud computing services. Lei jun says, cloud service window period has come, this is the future development direction, kingsoft want to survive, also need to invest in the cloud business. In the era of mobile Internet, jinshan software must be comprehensive, increase the investment in cloud business. And said the next 5-10 years, kingsoft cloud group will be in the top five cloud service manufacturers.

who is in the “parrot”? Hunting cloud network thought of colleagues in ali cloud to register a domain name. Kingsoft cloud group and is a ghost???????

IBM $1.25 billion cloud service cooperation agreement with WPP

IBM announced it had with the world’s top advertising company WPP reached a period of 7 years, cooperation agreement for total $1.25 billion, IBM’s future will provide cloud services to WPP. IBM has just announced on Monday with the Netherlands’s biggest bank, ABN AMRO has signed a 10-year, amounting to billions of dollars of cloud system computer infrastructure service contract. Last month at the same time, Lufthansa also with IBM announced a $1.25 billion contract, the latter in the future will take over the Lufthansa IT operations and employee.

IBM has been trying to focus on “hybrid cloud service” approach to realize the differentiation, this service allows the enterprise users according to the actual needs of their IT systems will be migrated to the cloud, IT also means they can again after waiting for several years will be the most sensitive core financial system moved to the cloud, of course, they can also choose not to migrate. Second, European companies generally require their customer data to store in the local data center of Europe, in order to meet this demand, IBM has in places such as London, Paris and Amsterdam in Europe built seven public cloud data center.

well, you are all “go to the cloud, the cloud”. Let me dizzy for a while, and so on, we’re hunting cloud network, ha ha ha…

smart speaker manufacturers Sonos to raise $130 million m

smart Sonos speakers and home audio systems company, submitted to the securities and exchange commission documents show the company has just completed a new round of the total amount of $130 million in financing. Sonos was founded in 2002, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, has so far raised $455 million.

Sonos is consumption leading companies in the field of intelligent speakers and home audio equipment, users can use the company’s products through the wireless network access is stored in computers, mobile devices, and the music streaming service, including Pandora, Rdio and Deezer. As more and more people to give up a CD, or even iTunes library, switch to streaming music service, Sonos of products is also formed the appeal to more users. In addition, thanks to apple to Beats Audio $3 billion takeover, high-end sound system and speaker also to gain attention.

music does not discount, quality can’t discount. Can only hope that copyright protection, better still, to stimulate the musicians to create better works.

gather beauty is superior to close a new low since going public: market value has shrunk by 30%

electricity gather beauty is superior another encounter since last night, closed down 8.66% not only on the list, almost shares in that day the closing price of $16.45 also refreshed the record again and close of market value has shrunk by 30% compared with its debut. Gather beauty is superior (Beijing time) last night opened at higher than the previous day’s closing price of $18.15, but in almost all the way down, the lowest $16.43, or 8.7%, this refresh the 52 weeks of the lowest intraday trading records, as of the close regular trading 1.15 million shares, finally closed at $16.45, or 8.66%.

closing price of $16.45 set not only gather beauty is superior the lowest closing price since the public record, still 25% lower than the listed price $22. Gather beauty is superior in November 20, below the price for the first time. Gather beauty is superior opened at $27.25 on May 16th this year, a rise of 23.86% in the price $22, closing at $24.18 on the first day, the market value of about $3.4 billion in first-day close, the current market value of about $2.4 billion, fell by about 30%.

ms Chen, quick come out speak for themselves. Big handsome boy, han geng Chen fast out with two bags of salt. It’s a pity that it is winter, hunting cloud network side couldn’t take cumin powder, soon.

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