Amazon: ARM Intel technology advantage is far not enough to let us give up

has many world class data center by the amazon, at the technical level, using ARM technology of chip maker with Intel gap is more and more big.

according to amazon AWS vice President James Hamilton, amazon’s servers will continue to use Intel chips, not consider other alternatives.

in Las Vegas, amazon web services after the annual meeting of the interview process, Hamilton was interviewed, he commented that the ARM chip in the development of science and technology, “really worrying speed.

the ARM’s spokesman Edmund Gemmell declined to comment.

if we can win the heavyweight clients, such as AWS for AMD, AMCC and others are trying to Intel occupies absolute advantage position in the market is very important for the company profit. These companies protested that Intel occupied 98% of the market, which means that Intel customer spent a lot of money, customers need a replacement.

however, Hamilton said AWS will not shut the door of the ARM chip suppliers, and intends to solicit more semiconductor engineers to enhance their strength.

many self-developed server data center operators are looking for more high quality components. Because if the performance for the whole machine use defective components, power and cooling costs will increase, it is more expensive than to purchase high quality components. Even if Intel chips, however, there are defects, replace the machine is not worth that USES it.

“every time I calculate the cost model, can find or not to pay,” Hamilton said, “some hidden factors cannot be taken into consideration, such as the use of Intel’s easier to meet the requirements of amazon for custom work, compared and ARM and Intel, people prefer the latter. Oh! It seems that only in the dream can get rid of Intel.”

on Friday, ARM’s shares rose 0.8% on the London stock exchange, rose to 875.5 pence a share, but look from throughout the year, the Cambridge company shares fell 20%. Yesterday, Intel shares on the nasdaq stock market rose 0.2%, to $33.38.

Source: Bloomberg

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