Also understand your foot RunScribe than yourself

when you are running is heel on the ground first? Or the sole of the foot even before landing? If you think this question has no meaning, then RunScribe may not be suitable for you. RunScribe is a against in the true sense of the design of runners, these people will really pay attention to their gait types in the process of running, the soles of your feet and the ground contact time, contact position, etc., and use these data to improve the technology of running and avoid sports injury.

now, become a popular running exercise, the movement of the wearable monitoring equipment is becoming more and more attention, smart fitness wristbands and smart watches are the pioneer of the industry. The sudden emergence of these equipment, reflected the people began to need more professional equipment. RunScribe arises at the historic moment, a fixed after the shoes with lightweight wearable motion monitoring equipment.

the moving distance of each data can be recorded by sensors, the first store in RunScribe built-in memory, after will be synchronized to the cloud services, through the chart image with various shapes, activists were able to through analyzing these data deeply their footwork. (there is an even more top service, called RunScribe Science, even will let users access to the raw sensor data.)

last summer socks similar creative Sensoria intelligence has detonated the raise investment enthusiasm. While RunScribe didn’t make a mountain out of a molehill so, they will just a wearable device on your shoes. (professional players can choose to install a RunScribe each foot, but actually don’t need that gait analysis in detail.)

so RunScribe exactly measurement of what? In the professional edition, it can be through the equipment within 9 shaft sensors measure the 13 indexes, including stride, spin, contact time, drift, drift, and so on. RunScribe use these data to set up a RunScore, so that users can compare their every running process, rather than each time will run all the detailed data unfolding, of course, if you really want to see. It can help you to monitor the running of a new pair of shoes isn’t suitable for you.

before this, want to find a pair of running shoes for you to run is not easy, this is why some professional running shoes shop can provide internal gait analysis service, staff will make you jogging on a treadmill, and according to your habits of gait to you buying advice. But to do so is not fair, because they finally want to let you buy shoes in their shop, they think that they always have a pair of shoes in the store “fit” you.

RunScribe goal is through the runners run data were collected for analysis, and provide enough detailed data for runners to know what is the most suitable for their shoes. And if the shoes manufacturers in their shoes into this wearable devices, and keep enough runners use, then they can undertake large data analysis, and will jog lovers into a leading professional community composed of gait analysis experts.

it is RunScribe vision, and now, it is only a prototype. They plan to get the raise $fifty thousand from Kickstarter, which is now the end there are 17 days, raise RunScribe has won three times the target. Raise rules allow the professional manufacturer of wearable devices allow before mass production, for the early adopters first experience in order to key data obtained earlier. Now, as it were, his presidency.

this RunScribe wearable devices will start at $99, to provide some data, and the full version you will need to $139. It is unclear whether the final data analysis service subscription separately. And equipment manufacturer, said by way of a renewal service or the main program and free gait analysis professional fee is still pending.

this RunScribe is expected in October.

Source: TC

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